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Bevorstehende Veranstaltungen

DA Workshop

10761 1502451773

Green Arabia Drilling

Interdisciplinary research on Quaternary climate and environmental changes and their effects on human dispersals based on sediment cores from the Jubbah palaeolake basin (Saudi Arabia). Organized by Florian Ott and Michael Petraglia. [mehr]

Distinguished Lecturer Seminar Series

10781 1502451846

Vortrag von Prof. Oliver Craig

"Millet Agriculture, Material Culture and Organic Residue Analysis” [mehr]

Eurasia3angle talk

10809 1502822779

Vortrag von Hideaki Kanzawa-Kiriyama

Genomic insights into the relationship between ancient Japanese and modern East Eurasians [mehr]

Distinguished Lecturer Seminar Series

10381 1499842061

Vortrag von Beverly Strassmann

Religious Control of Sexuality Increases Paternity Certainty: A longterm study of the Dogon of Mali [mehr]

DA Workshop

10126 1496404565

Biologische Marker des Wandels in Südostasien und der Inselwelt Südostasiens

Despite widespread acknowledgement that Island Southeast Asia (ISEA) has been an important link between Southeast Asia and the Southern Hemisphere for at least 50,000 years, little is known about interactions both within ISEA and with Mainland Southeast Asia to the north, and Sahul (Australia and New Guinea) to the south. Due to the tropical climate of the Southeast and Island Southeast Asia region, organic materials are rarely preserved and traditional archaeological techniques have not been particularly successful when it comes to understanding how people interacted with and within their environments. In this workshop we will be discussing novel and innovative methodologies and ideas that might be applied to the region, while highlighting recent findings that have already employed some of these techniques such as genomic, isotopic, lipid, microparticle and proteomic analyses. [mehr]

Distinguished Lecturer Seminar Series

10316 1497962866

Matt Sponheimer - Early Hominin Diet: Where are we and where do we go from here?

Distinguished Lecturer Seminar Series [mehr]

Distinguished Lecturer Seminar Series

7929 1481724902

Quantitative Methoden - Frühjahrskurs 2017

Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf unserer englischsprachigen Webseite. [mehr]

9170 1488273481

Forsche Schüler Tag 2017

Schüler/innen ab der 8. Klasse aufgepasst: Entdeckt, wie spannend die Menschheitsgeschichte ist! Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler am Max-Planck-Institut für Menschheitsgeschichte laden euch ein, mehr über einzelne Forschungsfragen zu erfahren und mit ihnen kleine Aufgaben und Tests zu ganz unterschiedlichen Fragestellungen durchzuführen. [mehr]

Distinguished Lecturer Seminar Series

9473 1491812177

Vortrag von Michael Richards

Using isotopes to track past human migrations [mehr]

Distinguished Lecturer Seminar Series

Distinguished Lecturer Seminar Series

Distinguished Lecturer Seminar Series

8744 1487580983

Survival and utility of ancient proteins in archaeology


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