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Neueste Publikationen

Bouckaert, R.: OBAMA: OBAMA for Bayesian amino-acid model averaging, PeerJ 8, (2020)
Groucutt, H. S.: Volcanism and human prehistory in Arabia. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 402, 107003 (2020)

Fedorchenko, A. Y.; Taylor, W. T.T.; Sayfulloev, N. N.; Brown, S.; Rendu, W.; Krivoshapkin, A. I.; Douka, K.; Shnaider, S. V.: Early occupation of high asia: new insights from the ornaments of the Oshhona site in the Pamir mountains. Quaternary International, 2020.07.026 (2020)
Murray, A. A.; Stock, J. T.: Muscle force interacts with stature to influence functionally related polar second moments of area in the lower limb among adult women. American Journal of Physical Anthropology n/a (n/a), 24097 (2020)

Claessens, S.; Sibley, C.; Chaudhuri, A.; Atkinson, Q. D.: Cooperative phenotype predicts economic conservatism, policy views, and political party support [Preprint]. PsyArXiv Preprints, t7rqb (2020), 55 S.
Tjuka, A.; Forkel, R.; List, J.-M.: Linking norms, ratings, and relations of words and concepts across multiple language varieties [Preprint]. PsyArXiv Preprints, tgw3z (2020), 24 S.

Amano, N.; Bankoff, G.; Findley, D. M.; Barretto-Tesoro, G.; Roberts, P.: Archaeological and historical insights into the ecological impacts of pre-colonial and colonial introductions into the Philippine Archipelago. The Holocene, 0959683620941152 (2020)
Berl, R. E. W.; Samarasinghe, A. N.; Jordan, F. M.; Gavin, M. C.: The Position-Reputation-Information (PRI) scale of individual prestige. PLoS One 15 (6), e0234428 (2020)

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