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Distinguished Lecture by Ryan Mckay: "Belief Formation in a Post-Truth World"

from 12:00 to 13:30

Latest Publications

Stewart, M.; Louys, J.; Breeze, P. S.; Clark-Wilson, R.; Drake, N. A.; Scerri, E. M.L.; Zalmout, I. S.; Al-Mufarreh, Y. S. A.; Soubhi, S. A.; Haptari, M. A. et al.; Alsharekh, A. M.; Groucutt, H. S.; Petraglia, M. D.: A taxonomic and taphonomic study of Pleistocene fossil deposits from the western Nefud Desert, Saudi Arabia. Quaternary Research, 2020.6 (2020)
Hudson, M.; Schulting, R. J.; Gilaizeau, L.: The origins of violence and warfare in the japanese islands. In: The prehistoric and ancient worlds, I.7, pp. 160 - 178 (Eds. Fagan, G. G.; Fibiger, L.; Hudson, M.; Trundle, M.). Cambridge University Press, Cambridge (2020)

Rurua, V. A.; Béarez, P.; Hermann, A.; Conte, E.: Length and weight reconstruction of Chlorurus microrhinos (Scaridae) from isolated cranial bones and vertebrae. Cybium: International Journal of Ichthyology 44 (1), pp. 61 - 68 (2020)
Caetano Andrade, V. L.; Clement, C. R.; Weigel, D.; Trumbore, S.; Boivin, N. L.; Schöngart, J.; Roberts, P.: Tropical trees as time capsules of anthropogenic activity. Cell 25 (4), 2019.12.010, pp. P369 - P380 (2020)

Hodgkins, J.; Marean, C. W.; Venter, J. A.; Richardson, L.; Roberts, P.; Zech, J.; Difford, M.; Copeland, S. R.; Orr, C. M.; Keller, H. M. et al.; Fahey, B. P.; Lee-Thorp, J. A.: An isotopic test of the seasonal migration hypothesis for large grazing ungulates inhabiting the Palaeo-Agulhas Plain. Quaternary Science Reviews, 106221 (2020)
Güldemann, T.; McConvell, P.; Rhodes, R. A.: Hunter-Gatherer anthropology and language. In: The language of Hunter-Gatherers, I.1, pp. 3 - 48 (Eds. Güldemann, T.; McConvell, P.; Rhodes, R. A.E.). Cambridge University Press, Cambridge (2020)

Fagan, G. G.; Fibinger, L.; Hudson, M.; Trundle, M. (Eds.): The prehistoric and ancient worlds. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge (2020), 756 pp.
Loosdrecht, M. S. v. d.; Mannino, M. A.; Talamo, S.; Villalba-Mouco, V.; Posth, C.; Aron, F.; Brandt, G.; Burri, M.; Freund, C.; Radzeviciute, R. et al.; Stahl, R.; Wissgott, A.; Klausnitzer, L.; Nagel, S.; Meyer, M.; Tagliacozzo, A.; Piperno, M.; Tusa, S.; Collina, C.; Schimmenti, V.; Salvo, R. D.; Prüfer, K.; Hublin, J.-J.; Schiffels, S.; Jeong, C.; Haak, W.; Krause, J.: Genomic and dietary transitions during the Mesolithic and Early Neolithic in Sicily, bioRxiv, (2020)
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