Videos and Audios

Finding Rico - Recruitment Video

Juliane Kaminski (Dog Cognition Centre, University of Portsmouth) and Juliane Bräuer (DogStudies, MPI for the Science of Human History, Jena) are looking for special dogs, that are able to distinguish objects by name.

Mtoto: The Sleeping Child

The National Research Center on Human Evolution (CENIEH) in collaboration with the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History and the National Museums of Kenya, co-leads a study on the oldest human burial in Africa, dating back to 78,000 years old

The Power of Prejudice

Feb 25, 2021 - Video in German

Archaeology During the Anthropocene

Jan. 2021 - Director Nicole Boivin discussed on Deutschlandfunk how studying the past can help us shape the future. (In German)

ArchaeoChats Episode 3: Dr. Julio Mercader

Dec. 10, 2020


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Latest Publications

Ingman, T.; Eisenmann, S.; Skourtanioti, E.; Akar, M.; Ilgner, J.; Gnecchi Ruscone, G. A.; le Roux, P.; Shafiq, R.; Neumann, G. U.; Keller, M. et al.; Freund, C.; Marzo, S.; Lucas, M.; Krause, J.; Roberts, P.; Yener, K. A.; Stockhammer, P. W.: Human mobility at Tell Atchana (Alalakh), Hatay, Turkey during the 2nd millennium BC: integration of isotopic and genomic evidence. PLoS One 16 (6), 0241883, p. e0241883 (2021)
Ren, J.; Wang, F.; Li, F.; Yang, Q.; Chen, F.; Gao, X.: Formation processes of the Banjingzi Paleolithic site in the Nihewan Basin. Acta anthropologica Sinica 40 (03), 0068, pp. 378 - 392 (2021)

Ejova, A.; Krátký, J.; Klocová, E. K.; Kundt, R.; Cigán, J.; Kotherová, S.; Bulbulia, J.; Gray, R. D.: The awe-prosociality relationship: evidence for the role of context. Religion, Brain & Behavior, 1940254 (2021)
Hamilton, R.; Wolfhagen, J.; Amano, N.; Boivin, N.; Findley, D. M.; Iriarte, J.; Kaplan, J. O.; Stevenson, J.; Roberts, P.: Non-uniform tropical forest responses to the ‘Columbian Exchange’ in the Neotropics and Asia-Pacific. Nature Ecology & Evolution, s41559-021-01474-4 (2021)

Cocozza, C.; Fernandes, R.: Amalthea: a database of isotopic measurements on archaeological and forensic tooth dentine increments. Journal of open archaeology data 9, 75 (2021), 7 pp.
Heydari-Guran, S.; Douka, K.; Higham, T.; Münzel, S. C.; Deckers, K.; Hourshid, S.; Naderi, R.; Asiabani, S.; Ghasidian, E.: Early upper palaeolithic occupation at Gelimgoush cave, Kermanshah; West-Central Zagros mountains of Iran. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 38, 103050 (2021)

Okazaki, K.; Takamuku, H.; Kawakubo, Y.; Hudson, M.; Chen, J.: Cranial morphometric analysis of early wet-rice farmers in the Yangtze River Delta of China. Anthropological science, 210325 (2021)
Caetano Andrade, V. L.; Schöngart, J.; Ayala, W. E.; Melinski, R. D.; Silva, F.; Dobrindt, R.; Roberts, P.: Advances in increment coring system for large tropical trees with high wood densities. Dendrochronologia, 125860 (2021)
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