Videos and Audios

The Power of Prejudice

Feb 25, 2021 - Video in German

Archaeology During the Anthropocene

Jan. 2021 - Director Nicole Boivin discussed on Deutschlandfunk how studying the past can help us shape the future. (In German)

ArchaeoChats Episode 3: Dr. Julio Mercader

Dec. 10, 2020

scobel: Geheimnis DNA - was sie über uns verrät

Dec. 3, 2020. Johannes Krause in an interview with Gert Scobel (ZDF).

HR2 Kultur - Interview with Juliane Bräuer

Auf den Hund gekommen - Juliane Bräuer and Alf Haubitz discuss Juliane's new book "Was Hunde wissen" (What dogs know). Broadcast date 11/24/2020, audio in German

What Sort of Past Does the Future Need?

Video seminar series from the MPI for the Science of Human History, the Center for Historical Research in Berlin and the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences


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Latest Publications

Schmid, C.; Schiffels, S.: bleiglas: An R package for interpolation and visualisation of spatiotemporal data with 3D tessellation. The Journal of Open Source Software 6 (60), 3092 (2021)
Hajdinjak, M.; Mafessoni, F.; Skov, L.; Vernot, B.; Hübner, A.; Fu, Q.; Essel, E.; Nagel, S.; Nickel, B.; Richter, J. et al.; Moldovan, O. T.; Constantin, S.; Endarova, E.; Zahariev, N.; Spasov, R.; Welker, F.; Smith, G. M.; Sinet-Mathiot, V.; Paskulin, L.; Fewlass, H.; Talamo, S.; Rezek, Z.; Sirakova, S.; Sirakov, N.; McPherron, S. P.; Tsanova, T.; Hublin, J.-J.; Peter, B.; Meyer, M.; Skoglund, P.; Kelso, J.; Pääbo, S.: Initial Upper Palaeolithic humans in Europe had recent Neanderthal ancestry. Nature 592, pp. 253 - 257 (2021)

Li, Y.; Zhang, C.; Taylor, W. T. T.; Chen, L.; Flad, R. K.; Boivin, N. L.; Liu, H.; You, Y.; Wang, J.; Ren, M. et al.; Xi, T.; Han, Y.; Wen, R.; Ma, J.: Reply to Shelach-Lavi et al.: Implications of the horse assemblages from Shirenzigou and Xigou, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 118, (2021)
Prüfer, K.; Posth, C.; Yu, H.; Stoessel, A.; Spyrou, M. A.; Deviese, T.; Mattonai, M.; Ribechini, E.; Higham, T.; Velemínský, P. et al.; Brůžek, J.; Krause, J.: A genome sequence from a modern human skull over 45,000 years old from Zlatý kůň in Czechia. Nature Ecology & Evolution 192 (2021)

Bräuer, J.: Working together—and talking about it: discover the cooperative string-pulling task. (2021)
Guagnin, M.; Shipton, C.; Martin, L.; Kingwell-Banham, E.; Breeze, P.; Graham, L.; Ott, F.; Stewart, M.; El-Dossary, S.; Zahrani, B. et al.; Al-Omari, A.; Alsharekh, A. M.; Petraglia, M.: A tale of two hearth sites: Neolithic and intermittent mid to late Holocene occupations in the Jubbah oasis, northern Saudi Arabia. Archaeological Research in Asia 26, 100278 (2021)

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Takken Beijersbergen, L. M.; Fernandes, R.; Mørkved, P. T.; Hufthammer, A. K.: Temporal and spatial variability of bone collagen stable carbon and nitrogen isotopic ratios of Norwegian reindeer. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 37, 102890 (2021)
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