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What Sort of Past Does the Future Need?


Video seminar series from the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History, the Center for Historical Research in Berlin and the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences

Deep Dive Podcast Ep. 13


Professor Krause on migration in human history, DNA from the stone age, genetic differences today, the term "ethnicity" and much more (German Language)

Latest Publications

Macklin-Cordes, J. L.; Round, E. R.: Re-evaluating phoneme frequencies. Frontiers in Psychology 11, 570895 (2020)
Jewell, A. M.; Drake, N.; Crocker, A. J.; Bakker, N. L.; Kunkelova, T.; Bristow, C. S.; Cooper, M. J.; Milton, J. A.; Breeze, P. S.; Wilson, P. A.: Three North African dust source areas and their geochemical fingerprint. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 116645 (2020)

Mann, A. E.; Fellows Yates, J. A.; Fagernäs, Z.; Austin, R. M.; Nelson, E. A.; Hofman, C. A.: Do I have something in my teeth? The trouble with genetic analyses of diet from archaeological dental calculus. Quaternary International (2020)
Parker, E. C.; Rohrlach, A. B.; Friederich, S.; Nagel, S.; Meyer, M.; Krause, J.; Bos, K. I.; Haak, W.: A systematic investigation of human DNA preservation in medieval skeletons. Scientific Reports 10 (1), 18225 (2020)

Bräuer, J.: Why do we share?: food sharing with strangers might be unique for humans, Psychology today, (2020)
Carleton, W. C.: Evaluating Bayesian Radiocarbon-dated Event Count (REC) models for the study of long-term human and environmental processes. Journal of Quaternary Science n/a (n/a), 3256 (2020)

Hölzer, M.; Barf, L.-M.; Lamkiewicz, K.; Vorimore, F.; Lataretu, M.; Favaroni, A.; Schnee, C.; Laroucau, K.; Marz, M.; Sachse, K.: Comparative Genome Analysis of 33 Chlamydia Strains Reveals Characteristic Features of Chlamydia Psittaci and Closely Related Species. Pathogens 9 (11), 899 (2020)
Tan, L.; Dong, G.; An, Z.; Lawrence Edwards, R.; Li, H.; Li, D.; Spengler, R.; Cai, Y.; Cheng, H.; Lan, J. et al.; Orozbaev, R.; Liu, R.; Chen, J.; Xu, H.; Chen, F.: Megadrought and cultural exchange along the proto-silk road. Science Bulletin, 2020.10.011 (2020)
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