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Dal Martello, R.; von Baeyer, M.; Hudson, M.; Bjorn, R.; Leipe, C.; Zach, B.; Mir Makhamad, B.; Billings, T.; Muñoz Fernández, I. M.; Huber, B. et al.; Boxleitner, K.; Lu, J.-C.; Chi, K.-A.; Liu, H.-L.; Kistler, L.; Spengler III, R. N.: The domestication and dispersal of large-fruiting Prunus spp.: a metadata analysis of archaeobotanical material. Agronomy 13 (4), 1027 (2023)
Mir Makhamad, B.; Bjorn, R.; Stark, S.; Spengler III, R. N.: Pistachio (Pistacia vera) domestication and dispersal out of Central Asia. Agronomy 12 (8), 1758 (2022)
Robbeets, M.; Bouckaert, R.; Conte, M.; Savelyev, A.; Li, T.; An, D.-I.; Shinoda, K.-i.; Cui, Y.; Kawashima, T.; Kim, G. et al.; Uchiyama, J.; Dolinska, J.; Oskolskaya, S.; Yamano, K.-Y.; Seguchi, N.; Tomita, H.; Takamiya, H.; Kanzawa-Kiriyama, H.; Oota, H.; Ishida, H.; Kimura, R.; Sato, T.; Kim, J.-H.; Bjorn, R.; Deng, B.; Rhee, S.; Ahn, K.-D.; Gruntov, I.; Mazo, O.; Bentley, J.; Fernandes, R.; Roberts, P.; Bausch, I.; Gilaizeau, L.; Yoneda, M.; Kugai, M.; Bianco, R. A.; Zhang, F.; Himmel, M.; Hudson, M.; Ning, C.: Triangulation supports agricultural spread of the Transeurasian languages. Nature 599, s41586-021-04108-8, S. 616 - 621 (2021)
Zhang, F.; Ning, C.; Scott, A.; Fu, Q.; Bjorn, R.; Li, W.; Wei, D.; Wang, W.; Fan, L.; Abuduresule, I. et al.; Hu, X.; Ruan, Q.; Niyazi, A.; Dong, G.; Cao, P.; Liu, F.; Dai, Q.; Feng, X.; Yang, R.; Tang, Z.; Ma, P.; Li, C.; Gao, S.; Xu, Y.; Wu, S.; Wen, S.; Zhu, H.; Zhou, H.; Robbeets, M.; Kumar, V.; Krause, J.; Warinner, C. G.; Jeong, C.; Cui, Y.: The genomic origins of the Bronze Age Tarim Basin mummies. Nature 599, s41586-021-04052-7, S. 256 - 261 (2021)
Spengler, R. N.; Stark, S.; Zhou, X.; Fuks, D.; Tang, L.; Mir Makhamad, B.; Bjørn, R.; Jiang, H.; Olivieri, L. M.; Begmatov, A. et al.; Boivin, N.: A journey to the west: the ancient dispersal of rice out of East Asia. Rice 14 (1), 83, S. 1 - 18 (2021)

Buchkapitel (2)

Bjorn, R.: By steppe highway or mountain corridors?: exploring the Archaeolinguistic arguments for the provenance of western Eurasian crops and livestock in Central and East Asia. In: Agropastoralism and languages across Eurasia: expansion, exchange, environment, Chapter 8, S. 85 - 95 (Hg. Hudson, M.; Robbeets, M.). BAR Publishing, Oxford (2023)
Bjorn, R.: Nouns and Foreign Numerals: Anatolian ‘Four’ and the Development of the PIE Decimal System. In: Dispersals and diversification: linguistic and archaeological perspectives on the early stages of Indo-European, 2, S. 54 - 76 (Hg. Serangeli, M.; Olander, T.). Brill, Leiden (2019)

Preprint (1)

Bjorn, R.: Indo-European loanwords and exchange in Bronze Age Central and East Asia. (2022)
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