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Wang, Y.; Larsen, T.; Lauterbach, S.; Andersen, N.; Blanz, T.; Krebs-Kanzow, U.; Gierz, P.; Schneider, R. R.: Higher sea surface temperature in the Indian Ocean during the Last Interglacial weakened the South Asian monsoon. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 119 (10), e2107720119 (2022)
Miller, J. M.; Wang, Y.: Ostrich eggshell beads reveal 50,000-year-old social network in Africa. Nature, s41586-021-04227-2 (2021)
Amano, N.; Wang, Y.; Boivin, N.; Roberts, P.: 'Emptying Forests?': Conservation implications of past human-primate interactions. Trends in Ecology and Evolution, 2020.12.0004 (2021)
Lauterbach, S.; Andersen, N.; Wang, Y.; Blanz, T.; Larsen, T.; Schneider, R. R.: An ~130 kyr record of surface water temperature and δ18O from the Northern Bay of Bengal: investigating the linkage between Heinrich Events and weak monsoon intervals in Asia. Paleoceanography and paleoclimatology 35 (2), e2019PA003646, S. 1 - 17 (2020)
Lebrato, M.; Wang, Y.; Tseng, L.-C.; Achterberg, E. P.; Chen, X.-G.; Molinero, J.-C.; Bremer, K.; Westernströer, U.; Söding, E.; Dahms, H.-U. et al.; Küter, M.; Heinath, V.; Jöhnck, J.; Konstantinou, K. I.; Yang, Y. J.; Hwang, J.-S.; Garbe-Schönberg, D.: Earthquake and typhoon trigger unprecedented transient shifts in shallow hydrothermal vents biogeochemistry. Scientific Reports 9 (1), 16926 (2019)
Wang, Y.; Wan, A. H.L.; Krogdahl, Å.; Johnson, M.; Larsen, T.: 13C values of glycolytic amino acids as indicators of carbohydrate utilization in carnivorous fish. PeerJ 7, e7701 (2019)

Review Article (1)

Review Article
Larsen, T.; Wang, Y.; Wan, A. H. L.: Tracing the trophic fate of aquafeed macronutrients with carbon isotope ratios of Amino Acids. (2022)

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Belghit, I.; Varunjikar, M.; Lecrenier, M.-C.; Steinhilber, A.E.; Niedzwiecka, A.; Wang, Y.; Dieu, M.; Azzollini, D.; Lie, K.; Lock, E.-J. et al.; Berntssen, M.H.G.; Renard, P.; Zagon, J.; Fumière, O.; van Loon, J.J.A.; Larsen, T.; Poetz, O.; Braeuning, A.; Palmblad, M.; Rasinger, J.D.: Future feed control: tracing banned bovine material in insect meal. (2021)
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