Publikationen von Rebecca Kinaston

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Tromp, M.; Matisoo-Smith, E.; Kinaston, R.; Bedford, S.; Spriggs, M.; Buckley, H.: Exploitation and utilization of tropical rainforests indicated in dental calculus of ancient Oceanic Lapita culture colonists. Nature Human Behaviour 4, s41562-019-0808-y, S. 489 - 495 (2020)
Kysela, J.; Augustinová, A.; Kinaston, R.: Preliminary reports on the excavations at Burgut Kurgan and Bobolangar in 2017. Studia Hercynia 22 (1), S. 158 - 182 (2018)
Posth, C.; Nägele, K.; Colleran, H.; Valentin, F.; Bedford, S.; Kami, K. W.; Shing, R.; Buckley, H.; Kinaston, R.; Walworth, M. et al.; Clark, G. R.; Reepmeyer, C.; Flexner, J.; Maric, T.; Moser, J.; Gresky, J.; Kiko, L.; Robson, K. J.; Auckland, K.; Oppenheimer, S. J.; Hill, A. V. S.; Mentzer, A. J.; Zech, J.; Petchey, F.; Roberts, P.; Jeong, C.; Gray, R. D.; Krause, J.; Powell, A.: Language continuity despite population replacement in Remote Oceania. Nature Ecology & Evolution 2 (4), S. 731 - 740 (2018)
Foster, A.; Kinaston, R.; Spriggs, M.; Bedford, S.; Gray, A.; Buckley, H.: Possible diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis (DISH) in a 3000-year-old Pacific Island skeletal assemblage. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 18, S. 408 - 419 (2018)
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