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Krause, J.; Unger, T.; Nocon, A.; Malaspinas, A.-S.; Kolokotronis, S.-O.; Stiller, M.; Soibelzon, L.; Spriggs, H.; Dear, P. H.; Briggs, A. W. et al.; Bray, S. C. E.; O'Brien, S. J.; Rabeder, G.; Matheus, P.; Cooper, A.; Slatkin, M.; Paeaebo, S.; Hofreiter, M.: Mitochondrial genomes reveal an explosive radiation of extinct and extant bears near the Miocene-Pliocene boundary. BMC Evolutionary Biology 8, 220 (2008)
Meyer, M.; Briggs, A. W.; Maricic, T.; Hoeber, B.; Hoeffner, B. H.; Krause, J.; Weihmann, A.; Paeaebo, S.; Hofreiter, M.: From micrograms to picograms: quantitative PCR reduces the material demands of high-throughput sequencing. Nucleic Acids Research (London) 36 (1), e5 (2008)
Roempler, H.; Dear, P. H.; Krause, J.; Meyer, M.; Rohland, N.; Schoeneberg, T.; Spriggs, H.; Stiller, M.; Hofreiter, M.: Multiplex amplification of ancient DNA. Nature Protocols 1 (2), S. 720 - 728 (2006)
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