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Vilela, B.; Fristoe, T.; Tuff, T.; Kavanagh, P. H.; Haynie, H. J.; Gray, R. D.; Gavin, M. C.; Botero, C. A.: Cultural transmission and ecological opportunity jointly shaped global patterns of reliance on agriculture. Evolutionary Human Sciences 2, e53, S. 1 - 11 (2020)
Kavanagh, P. H.; Haynie, H. J.; Kushnick, G.; Vilela, B.; Tuff, T.; Bowern, C.; Low, B. S.; Ember, C. R.; Kirby, K. R.; Botero, C. A. et al.; Gavin, M. C.: Drivers of global variation in land ownership. Ecography 44 (1), 05205, S. 67 - 74 (2020)
Szűcs, M.; Melbourne, B. A.; Tuff, T.; Weiss-Lehmann, C.: Genetic and demographic founder effects have long-term fitness consequences for colonising populations. Ecology Letters 20 (4), S. 436 - 444 (2017)
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