Climate Change and History Research Initiative 2019 Annual Colloquium

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Resilience, environmental change and society: Perspectives from History and Prehistory

  • Beginn: 18.03.2019
  • Ende: 20.03.2019
  • Ort: MPI SHH Jena
  • Raum: Villa V14
  • Gastgeber: PS&H und Abteilung Archäologie
  • Kontakt:
Jointly organized by Princeton University and the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History (Palaeo-Science and History (PS&H) Independent Research Group (formerly ByzRes) and the Department of Archaeology).

The aim of our annual meeting is to bring together – for the first time – interdisciplinary projects on climate and environmental change that work on two different “human pasts”: history and prehistory. We want to see whether the levels of social and cultural complexity and the types of evidence we study lead to different conclusions about human capabilities of coping with environmental challenges; or perhaps our approaches are complementary and their synergy increases our understanding of the mechanisms of human resilience to climatic change and other “natural” stressors. As always with the CCHRI Colloquia, we plan to publish the results of our discussions either as a special issue in an interdisciplinary journal, or as one or two multi-author articles in highly-visible journals.

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