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Fellows Yates, J. A.; Andrades Valtueña, A.; Vågene, A. J.; Cribdon, B.; Velsko, I. M.; Borry, M.; Bravo-López, M. J.; Fernandez-Guerra, A.; Green, E. J.; Ramachandran, S. L. et al.; Heintzman, P. D.; Spyrou, M. A.; Hübner, A.; Gancz, A. S.; Hider, J.; Allshouse, A. F.; Warinner, C.: Community-curated and standardised metadata of published ancient metagenomic samples with AncientMetagenomeDir. Scientific Data 8 (1), 31, S. 1 - 8 (2021)
Velsko, I. M.; Harrison, P.; Chalmers, N.; Barb, J.; Huang, H.; Aukhil, I.; Shaddox, L.: Grade C molar-incisor pattern periodontitis subgingival microbial profile before and after treatment. Journal of oral microbiology 12 (1), 1814674, S. 1 - 13 (2020)
Fagernäs, Z.; García-Collado, M. I.; Hendy, J.; Hofman, C. A.; Speller, C.; Velsko, I. M.; Warinner, C.: A unified protocol for simultaneous extraction of DNA and proteins from archaeological dental calculus. Journal of Archaeological Science 118, 105135, S. 1 - 11 (2020)
Velsko, I. M.; Fellows Yates, J. A.; Aron, F.; Hagan, R.; Frantz, L. A. F.; Loe, L.; Martinez, J. B. R.; Chaves, E.; Gosden, C.; Larson, G. et al.; Warinner, C. G.: Microbial differences between dental plaque and historic dental calculus are related to oral biofilm maturation stage. Microbiome 7 (1), 102 (2019)
Richards, V. P.; Velsko, I. M.; Alam, T.; Zadoks, R. N.; Manning, S. D.; Pavinski Bitar, P. D.; Hasler, H. B.; Crestani, C.; Springer, G.; Probert, B. et al.; Town, C. D.; Stanhope, M. J.: Population gene introgression and high genome plasticity for the zoonotic pathogen Streptococcus agalactiae. Molecular Biology and Evolution 36 (11), msz169, S. 2572 - 2590 (2019)
Kaspar, J. R.; Godwin, M. J.; Velsko, I. M.; Richards, V. P.; Burne, R. A.: Spontaneously arising streptococcus mutans variants with reduced susceptibility to chlorhexidine display genetic defects and diminished fitness. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy 63 (7), e00161-19 (2019)
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