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Groten, K.; Nawaz, A.; Nguyen, N. H. T.; Santhanam, R.; Baldwin, I. T.: Silencing a key gene of the common symbiosis pathway in Nicotiana attenuata specifically impairs arbuscular mycorrhizal infection without influencing the root-associated microbiome or plant growth. Plant, Cell and Environment 38 (11), S. 2398 - 2416 (2015)
Groten, K.; Pahari, N. T.; Xu, S.; van Doorn, M. M.; Baldwin, I. T.: Virus-induced gene silencing using tobacco rattle virus as a tool to study the interaction between Nicotiana attenuata and Rhizophagus irregularis. PLoS One 10 (8), e0136234 (2015)
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