Publikationen von Zhanyun Zhu

Zeitschriftenartikel (3)

Zhu, Z.; Du, J.; Lu, Z.; Yao, X.; Jiang, X.; Yang, J.; Liu, L.: Optimization of GuHCl extraction protocol on collagen-based binders in murals by response surface methodology. Journal of cultural heritage 56, 2022.06.003, S. 56 - 64 (2022)
Zhu, Z.; Wang, J.; Yao, X.; Ma, Q.; Wang, J.; Lu, Z.; Tian, Y.; Du, J.; Li, Z.; Zhu, Y. et al.; Liu, L.; Cao, J.: Multi-analytical study on the Tara Thangka at Daxingshan Temple in Xi'an, Shaanxi, China. Studies in conservation, 2084809 (2022)
Liu, L.; Zhong, Q.; Jiang, L.; Li, P.; Xiao, L.; Gong, Y.; Zhu, Z.; Yang, J.: Metallurgical and corrosion characterization of warring states period bronzes excavated from Pujiang, Chengdu, China. Heritage Science 10 (1), 36 (2022)
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