Publikationen von Julia Belger

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Silva, K.; Bräuer, J.; de Sousa, L.; Lima, M.; O’Hara, R.; Belger, J.; Epperlein, T.; Tennie, C.: An attempt to test whether dogs (Canis familiaris) show increased preference towards humans who match their behaviour. Journal of Ethology 38 (2), s10164-020-00644-4, S. 223 - 232 (2020)
Belger, J.; Bräuer, J.: Metacognition in dogs: Do dogs know they could be wrong? Learning & Behavior 46 (4), S. 398 - 413 (2018)
Bräuer, J.; Belger, J.: A ball is not a Kong: Odor representation and search behavior in domestic dogs (Canis familiaris) of different education. Journal of Comparative Psychology 132 (2), S. 189 - 199 (2018)
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