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Journal Article
Goude, G.; Salazar-García, D. C.; Power, R. C.; Rivollat, M.; Gourichon, L.; Deguilloux, M.-F.; Pemonge, M.-H.; Bouby, L.; Binder, D.: New insights on Neolithic food and mobility patterns in Mediterranean coastal populations. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 173 (2), 24089, pp. 218 - 235 (2020)
Journal Article
Rivollat, M.; Jeong, C.; Schiffels, S.; Kücükkalıpcı, İ.; Pemonge, M.-H.; Rohrlach, A. B.; Alt, K. W.; Binder, D.; Friederich, S.; Ghesquière, E. et al.; Gronenborn, D.; Laporte, L.; Lefranc, P.; Meller, H.; Réveillas, H.; Rosenstock, E.; Rottier, S.; Scarre, C.; Soler, L.; Wahl, J.; Krause, J.; Deguilloux, M.-F.; Haak, W.: Ancient genome-wide DNA from France highlights the complexity of interactions between Mesolithic hunter-gatherers and Neolithic farmers. Science Advances 6 (22), eaaz5344 , pp. 1 - 16 (2020)
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