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Li, T.; Ning, C.; Zhushchikhovskaya, I. S.; Hudson, M.; Robbeets, M.: Millet agriculture dispersed from Northeast China to the Russian Far East: integrating archaeology, genetics, and linguistics. Archaeological Research in Asia 22, 100177 (2020)
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Ning, C.; Li, T.; Wang, K.; Zhang, F.; Li, T.; Wu, X.; Gao, S.; Zhang, Q.; Zhang, H.; Hudson, M. et al.; Dong, G.; Wu, S.; Fang, Y.; Liu, C.; Feng, C.; Li, W.; Han, T.; Li, R.; Wei, J.; Zhu, Y.; Zhou, Y.; Wang, C.-C.; Fan, S.; Xiong, Z.; Sun, Z.; Ye, M.; Sun, L.; Wu, X.; Liang, F.; Cao, Y.; Wei, X.; Zhu, H.; Zhou, H.; Krause, J.; Robbeets, M.; Jeong, C.; Cui, Y.: Ancient genomes from northern China suggest links between subsistence changes and human migration. Nature Communications 11, 2700 (2020)
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Uchiyama, J.; Gillam, J. C.; Savelyev, A.; Ning, C.: Populations dynamics in Northern Eurasian forests: a long-term perspective from Northeast Asia. Evolutionary Human Sciences 2, e16, pp. 1 - 19 (2020)
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Cui, Y.; Zhang, F.; Ma, P.; Fan, L.; Ning, C.; Zhang, Q.; Zhang, W.; Wang, L.; Robbeets, M.: Bioarchaeological perspective on the expansion of Transeurasian languages in Neolithic Amur River basin. Evolutionary Human Sciences, e15 (2020)
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Wu, X.; Ning, C.; Bao, Q.; Gao, S.; Zhang, F.; Wu, S.; Li, T.; Fan, L.i.; Li, T.; Yang, X. et al.; Cai, D.; Cui, Y.: Mitochondrial genome of an 8,400-Year-Old individual from Northern China reveals a novel subclade under C5d. Human Biology 91 (1), pp. 21 - 30 (2019)

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Ning, C.; Wang, C.-C.; Gao, S.; Yang, Y.; Zhang, X.; Wu, X.; Zhang, F.; Nie, Z.; Tang, Y.; Robbeets, M. et al.; Ma, J.; Krause, J.; Cui, Y.: Ancient Genomes Reveal Yamnaya-Related Ancestry and a Potential Source of Indo-European Speakers in Iron Age Tianshan (Current Biology, 29/15). (2019), 12 pp.
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