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Fernández-Manteca, M. G.; Martínez-Minchero, M.; García-Escárzaga, A.; Ocampo-Sosa, A. A.; Mirapeix, J.; Valdiande, J. J.; López-Higuera, J. M.; Rodríguez-Cobo, L.; Cobo, A.: Comparison of light capturing approaches in Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) for multichannel spectrometers. Spectrochimica Acta Part B: Atomic Spectroscopy 201, 106617, S. 1 - 8 (2023)
Martínez-Minchero, M.; Cobo, A.; Méndez-Vicente, A.; Pisonero, J.; Bordel, N.; Gutiérrez-Zugasti, I.; Roberts, P.; Arrizabalaga, Á.; Valdiande, J.; Mirapeix, J. et al.; López-Higuera, J. M.; García-Escárzaga, A.: Comparison of Mg/Ca concentration series from Patella depressa limpet shells using CF-LIBS and LA-ICP-MS. Talanta 251, 123757, S. 1 - 11 (2023)
García-Escárzaga, A.; Gutiérrez-Zugasti, I.; Marín-Arroyo, A. B.; Fernandes, R.; Núñez de la Fuente, S.; Cuenca-Solana, D.; Iriarte, E.; Simões, C.; Martín-Chivelet, J.; González-Morales, M. R. et al.; Roberts, P.: Human forager response to abrupt climate change at 8.2 ka on the Atlantic coast of Europe. Scientific Reports 12 (1), 6481 (2022)
García-Escárzaga, A.; Gutiérrez-Zugasti, I.; Cuenca-Solana, D.; González-Morales, M. R.; Hamann, C.; Roberts, P.; Fernandes, R.: Bayesian estimates of marine radiocarbon reservoir effect in northern Iberia during the Early and Middle Holocene. Quaternary Geochronology 67, 101232 (2022)
García-Escárzaga, A.; Martínez-Minchero, M.; Cobo, A.; Gutiérrez-Zugasti, I.; Arrizabalaga, A.; Roberts, P.: Using Mg/Ca Ratios from the Limpet Patella depressa Pennant, 1777 Measured by Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) to Reconstruct Paleoclimate. Applied Sciences 11 (7), 2959 (2021)
García-Escárzaga, A.; Gutiérrez-Zugasti, I.: The role of shellfish in human subsistence during the Mesolithic of Atlantic Europe: an approach from meat yield estimations. Quaternary International, j.quaint.2020.03.003 (2020)
García-Escárzaga, A.; Gutiérrez-Zugasti, I.; Cobo, A.; Cuenca-Solana, D.; Martin-Chivelet, J.; Roberts, P.; González-Morales, M. R.: Stable oxygen isotope analysis of Phorcus lineatus (da Costa, 1778) as a proxy for foraging seasonality during the Mesolithic in northern Iberia. Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences 11 (10), S. 5631 - 5644 (2019)

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García-Escárzaga, A.; Gutiérrez-Zugasti, I.; González-Morales, M. R.; Arrizabalaga, A.; Zech, J.; Roberts, P.: Shell sclerochronology and stable oxygen isotope ratios from the limpet Patella depressa Pennant, 1777: implications for palaeoclimate reconstruction and archaeology in northern Spain. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 560, 110023, S. 1 - 15 (2020), 15 S.
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