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Die "exakten Wissenschaften" und die Mittelalterforschung - Round Table des MPI-SHH und des Historischen Instituts der FSU Jena
Jan. 9, 2020 - The Paleo-Science & History Group (with the support of the Department of Archaeogenetics) is organising a joint workshop with the Institute of History of the University of Jena (FSU) on the applications of scientific methods to the study of the Middle Ages.
New publication by Dr. Georgios Liakopoulos
In his new book, The Early Ottoman Peloponnese, Dr. Liakopoulos discusses the history, geography, demography and economy of the Peloponnese in the wake of the Ottoman conquest. more
Justinianic Plague not a Landmark Pandemic?
A study of diverse datasets, including pollen, coinage, and funeral practices, reveals that the effects of the late antique plague pandemic commonly known as the Justinianic Plague may have been overestimated. more
<p>New DFG funding awarded to the Paleo-Science &amp; History Group: the SCALoFRAG Project</p>
The Paleo-Science & History Group received major DFG funding (€395k for three years, together with the Byzantinistik at the FU Berlin) from the “Beethoven” Program, which provides funding for integrated Polish-German research projects. On the German side, the project leaders are Prof. Johannes Niehoff-Panagiotidis from the Freie Universität Berlin and Dr. Adam Izdebski from the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History in Jena. more
Paleo-Science &amp; History Outreach Activities: spreading innovative methods for the collaboration of science and history
In the beginning of September, the Paleo-Science & History Independent Research Group held its third pre/post-doc workshop in interdisciplinary approaches to history – within just one year since the group’s foundation in the summer of 2018. more
Summer Course: Comprehending "Byzantium after Byzantium" - An Introduction to Ottoman Historical Sources
Dr Georgios Liakopoulos from the Palaeo-Science and History (PS&H) Independent Max Planck Research Group will give a Summer Course (22-26 July 2019) at FU Berlin. Registration and attendance are free, and registration is open until 30 June! more
New Book: "Environment and Society during the long Late Antiquity"
Adam Izdebski, Independent Group Leader of PS&H, initiated and co-edited a new volume, the first of its kind for the history of the first millennium AD, written by scientists, historians and archaeologists. more
Resilienz, Umweltveränderung und Gesellschaft - Perspektiven aus der Geschichte und Vorgeschichte
PS&H (formerly ByzRes), the Department of Archaeology and Princeton University co-host annual Climate Change and History Research Initiative (CCHRI) 2019 Colloquium, which aims to bring together for the first time interdisciplinary projects on climate and environmental change that work on two different “human pasts”: history and prehistory. more
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