Summer Course: Comprehending "Byzantium after Byzantium" - An Introduction to Ottoman Historical Sources

Dr Georgios Liakopoulos from the Palaeo-Science and History (PS&H) Independent Max Planck Research Group will give a Summer Course (22-26 July 2019) at FU Berlin. Registration and attendance are free, and registration is open until 30 June!

This course aims to introduce students to the various primary sources of Ottoman History and the methodological approaches used in current research, with special focus on the transitional period between the Byzantine and the Ottoman Empire (14th-15th c.). The Ottoman sources are invaluable for they cast light on the Late Mediaeval and Early Modern History of the Balkans, the Middle East and North Africa. The course will help students approach historical sources, teach them to record and scrutinise the quantitative and qualitative data contained therein, and to work towards formulating well-grounded historical conclusions based on these sources (cross-checking against other sources, evaluation, etc.). Students will be required to participate in examining and analysing selected Ottoman texts (in English translation), in order to practise the relevant research skills described above. Knowledge of Modern and/or Ottoman Turkish is desirable, but not a requirement, as the course will include a basic introduction to Ottoman Turkish script and language.

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