Gender Equality

The management and community of MPI GEA are committed to the principles and values of gender equality and diversity, as also demonstrated by the Gender Equality Plan and the involvement of the Equal Opportunity Officer.

We see several fields of actions and have implemented numerous measures:

 Field of action

 Measures (examples)

 Raising of gender awareness

 Library “Equal opportunities, diversity and inclusion”

 Guidelines for gender neutral language

 Fairness to all genders

 Unisex toilets

 Code of conduct for fieldwork

 Visibility of women


 Female scientists as speakers


 Promotion of women's


 Welcome Mentoring Package

 Female scientists as supervisors and mentors

 Gender equality in the staff


 Guidelines for recruitment

 Training for hiring persons

 Reconciliation of work
 and family


 Remote work

 Nursing room

 Protected time

 Involvement of
 Equal Opportunity Officer


 Gender equality committee

 Meetings with management

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