New Book: "Environment and Society during the long Late Antiquity"

Adam Izdebski, Independent Group Leader of PS&H, initiated and co-edited a new volume, the first of its kind for the history of the first millennium AD, written by scientists, historians and archaeologists.

"Environment and Society during the long Late Antiquity", published by Brill, unites perspectives from a variety of disciplines from within the natural sciences and the humanities, and offers a first comprehensive survey of environmental phenomena that accompanied the end of Antiquity and the birth of the Middle Ages.

The diverse team of authors, including many members of PS&H, addresses topics such as epidemics, earthquakes, landscape changes or climatic fluctuations, drawing on historical, archaeological and palaeo-scientific sources. It offers a new vision of the environmental history of Antiquity, nuanced and non-catastrophist, showing the entire palette of human interactions with the natural environment at times of dynamic social, political, economic and cultural change.

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