Ostrich Eggshell Beads Reveal 50,000-Year-old Social Network Across Africa

New archeological study shows ancient connection between populations 3,000 km apart, and provides first direct link between climate change and ancient human social behavior more

Molecular Analysis Reveals the Oldest Denisovan Fossils Yet

Denisova Cave has yielded new Denisovan remains associated with archaeological artifacts in its lowermost layers dating to 200,000 years ago more

Genetic Changes in Bronze Age Southern Iberia

DNA from 136 ancient Iberians reveals genomic and social transformations during the Copper Age to Bronze Age transition in southwestern Europe more

Interdisciplinary Research Shows the Spread of Transeurasian Languages Was Due to Agriculture

A new study in the journal Nature traces the common ancestry and primary dispersals of Transeurasian languages back to the first farmers moving across Northeast Asia in the Early Neolithic more

Researchers Looking the World Over for Clever Dogs

Two renowned dog cognition scientists are hunting worldwide for a very rare breed of dog – ones who can identify 20 or more objects by name. more

Incidence Estimation from SARS-CoV-2 Genomes

A new study published in Nature Communications reconstructs regional incidence profiles of COVID-19, highlighting the effects of non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) and different testing strategies more

Ten Millennia of Hepatitis B Virus Evolution

A new study traces the evolution of the hepatitis B virus from prehistory to the present, revealing dissemination routes and changes in viral diversity more

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