Press Releases 2015

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8000 years of selection in Europe

November 23, 2015
8,000 years of adaptation in Europe leave a mark on our genes [more]
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Early Bronze Age re-dated

October 21, 2015
dpa (German press agency) covers study by Johannes Krause and Phillip W. Stockhammer on Bronze Age in Southern Germany (in German). [more]
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Complex societies not driven by “Big Gods” of Christianity or Islam

March 04, 2015
Media release, Faculty of Science, The University of Auckland [more]
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A massive migration from the steppe brought Indo-European languages to Europe

March 02, 2015
Published in the journal Nature today, a new study by an international team has shown that at least some of the Indo-European languages spoken in Europe were likely introduced by a massive migration from the Russian steppe. [more]
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