Publications by Prof. Nicole Boivin

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Journal Article
Peters, C.; Richter, K. K.; Svenning, J.-C.; Boivin, N.: Leveraging palaeoproteomics to address conservation and restoration agendas. iScience 25 (5), 104195, pp. 1 - 16 (2022)
Journal Article
Ventresca Miller, A. R.; Wilkin, S.; Hendy, J.; Turbat, T.; Batsukh, D.; Bayarkhuu, N.; Giscard, P.-H.; Bemmann, J.; Bayarsaikhan, J.; Miller, B. K. et al.; Clark, J.; Roberts, P.; Boivin, N.: The spread of herds and horses into the Altai: how livestock and dairying drove social complexity in Mongolia. PLoS One 17 (5), e0265775 (2022)
Journal Article
Nayak, A.; Basa, K. K.; Boivin, N. L.; Fuller, D. Q.; Mohanty, R. K.; Kingwell-Banham, E.; Murphy, C.; Roberts, P.; Lee-Thorp, J.; Bogaard, A.: A stable isotope perspective on archaeological agricultural variability and Neolithic experimentation in India. Journal of Archaeological Science 141, 105591 (2022)
Journal Article
Huber, B.; Larsen, T.; Spengler III, R. N.; Boivin, N. L.: How to use modern science to reconstruct ancient scents. Nature Human Behaviour, s41562-022-01325-7 (2022)
Journal Article
Goldstein, S. T.; Shipton, C.; Miller, J. M.; Ndiema, E.; Boivin, N.; Petraglia, M.: Hunter-gatherer technological organization and responses to Holocene climate change in coastal, lakeshore, and grassland ecologies of eastern Africa. Quaternary Science Reviews 280, 107390 (2022)
Journal Article
Cueva-Temprana, A.; Lombao, D.; Soto, M.; Itambu, M.; Bushozi, P.; Boivin, N. L.; Petraglia, M. D.; Mercader, J.: Oldowan Technology Amid Shifting Environments ∼2.03–1.83 Million Years Ago. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 10, 788101 (2022)
Journal Article
Kotarba-Morley, A. M.; Kourampas, N.; Morley, M. W.; MacAdams, C.; Crowther, A.; Faulkner, P.; Horton, M.; Boivin, N. L.: Coastal landscape changes at Unguja Ukuu, Zanzibar: contextualizing the archaeology of an early Islamic port of trade. Journal of Island and Coastal Archaeology, 2030441, pp. 1 - 35 (2022)
Journal Article
Goldstein, S. T.; Farr, J.; Kayuni, M.; Katongo, M.; Fernandes, R.; Janzen, A.; Markham, B.; Kay, A.; Crowther, A.; Boivin, N.: Excavations at the Iron Age village site of Fibobe II, Central Zambia. Journal of African archaeology, bja10012, pp. 1 - 19 (2022)

Preprint (3)

Yu, H.; Jamieson, A.; Hulme-Beaman, A.; Conroy, C. J.; Knight, B.; Speller, C.; Al-Jarah, H.; Eager, H.; Trinks, A.; Adikari, G. et al.; Baron, H.; Böhlendorf-Arslan, B.; Bohingamuwa, W.; Crowther, A.; Cucchi, T.; Esser, K.; Fleisher, J.; Gidney, L.; Gladilina, E.; Gol’din, P.; Goodman, S. M.; Hamilton-Dyer, S.; Helm, R.; Hillman, C.; Kallala, N.; Kivikero, H.; Kovács, Z. E.; Karl Kunst, G.; Kyselý, R.; Linderholm, A.; Maraoui-Telmini, B.; Morales-Muñiz, A.; Nabais, M.; O’Connor, T.; Oueslati, T.; Morales, Q.; M., E.; Pasda, K.; Perera, J.; Perera, N.; Radbauer, S.; Ramon, J.; Rannamäe, E.; Sanmartí Grego, J.; Treasure, E.; Valenzuela-Lamas, S.; van der Jagt, I.; Van Neer, W.; Vigne, J.-D.; Walker, T.; Wynne-Jones, S.; Zeiler, J.; Dobney, K.; Boivin, N.; Searle, J. B.; Krause-Kyora, B.; Krause, J.; Larson, G.; Orton, D.: Palaeogenomic analysis of black rat (Rattus rattus) reveals multiple European introductions associated with human economic history. (2022)
Rick, T.; Alsharekh, A. M.; Braje, T. J.; Crowther, A.; Erlandson, J. M.; Fuller, D. Q.; Gill, K. M.; Groucutt, H. S.; Guagnin, M.; Helm, R. et al.; Hofman, C. A.; Horton, M.; Kay, A.; Korisettar, R.; Radimilahy, C.; Reeder-Myers, L.; Shipton, C.; Wright, H. T.; Petraglia, M.; Boivin, N.: Coring, profiling, and trenching: archaeological field strategies for investigating the Pleistocene-Holocene-Anthropocene continuum. (2022)
Spengler III, R. N.; Peters, C.; Richter, K. K.; Mir Makhamad, B.; Stark, S.; Fernandes, R.; Maksudov, F.; Sirojidin, M.; Husniddin, R.; Wilkin, S. et al.; Schirmer, S.; Ashastina, K.; Begmatov, A.; Frachetti, M.; Hermes, T.; Kidd, F.; Omelchenko, A.; Huber, B.; Boivin, N. L.; Wang, S.; Lurje, P.; von Baeyer, M.; Dal Martello, R.: When did the chicken cross the road: archaeological and molecular evidence for ancient chickens in Central Asia. (2022)
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