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Journal Article
Li, Y.; Zhang, C.; Taylor, W. T. T.; Chen, L.; Flad, R. K.; Boivin, N.; Liu, H.; You, Y.; Wang, J.; Ren, M. et al.; Xi, T.; Han, Y.; Wen, R.; Ma, J.: Early evidence for mounted horseback riding in northwest China. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 117 (47), pp. 29569 - 29576 (2020)
Journal Article
Jeong, C.; Wang, K.; Wilkin, S.; Taylor, W. T. T.; Miller, B. K.; Bemmann, J. H.; Stahl, R.; Chiovelli, C.; Knolle, F.; Ulziibayar, S. et al.; Khatanbaatar, D.; Erdenebaatar, D.; Erdenebat, U.; Ochir, A.; Ankhsanaa, G.; Vanchigdash, C.; Ochir, B.; Munkhbayar, C.; Tumen, D.; Kovalev, A.; Kradin, N.; Bazarov, B. A.; Miyagashev, D. A.; Konovalov, P. B.; Zhambaltarova, E.; Ventresca Miller, A. R.; Haak, W.; Schiffels, S.; Krause, J.; Boivin, N. L.; Erdene, M.; Hendy, J.; Warinner, C. G.: A dynamic 6,000-year genetic history of Eurasia’s eastern steppe. Cell 183 (4), pp. 890 - 904.e29 (2020)
Journal Article
Bleasdale, M.; Wotzka, H.-P.; Eichhorn, B.; Mercader, J.; Styring, A.; Zech, J.; Soto, M.; Inwood, J.; Clarke, S.; Marzo, S. et al.; Fiedler, B.; Linseele, V.; Boivin, N. L.; Roberts, P.: Isotopic and microbotanical insights into Iron Age agricultural reliance in the Central African rainforest. Communications Biology 3, 619 (2020)
Journal Article
Wagner, A.; Richter, K. K.; Ludes, E.; Arbogast, R.-M.; Carita, D.; Guidez, A.; Soussoko, S.; Boivin, N. L.; Marche, J.-C.; Wandhammer, M.-D. et al.; Meister, M.: Whale bone puzzles: reconstructing and identifying historical whale skeletons using archive records, osteology, and zooarchaeology by Mass Spectrometry (ZooMS). Journal of conservation & museum studies 18 (1), 196, pp. 1 - 12 (2020)
Journal Article
Langley, M. C.; Amano, N.; Wedage, O.; Deraniyagala, S.; Pathmalal, M.M.; Perera, N.; Boivin, N.; Petraglia, M. D.; Roberts, P.: Bows and arrows and complex symbolic displays 48,000 years ago in the South Asian tropics. Science Advances 6 (24), eaba3831 (2020)
Journal Article
Wang, K.; Goldstein, S. T.; Bleasdale, M.; Clist, B.; Bostoen, K.; Bakwa-Lufu, P.; Buck, L. T.; Crowther, A.; Dème, A.; McIntosh, R. J. et al.; Mercader, J.; Ogola, C.; Power, R. C.; Sawchuk, E. A.; Robertshaw, P.; Wilmsen, E. N.; Petraglia, M. D.; Ndiema, E.; Manthi, F. K.; Krause, J.; Roberts, P.; Boivin, N. L.; Schiffels, S.: Ancient genomes reveal complex patterns of population movement, interaction, and replacement in sub-Saharan Africa. Science Advances 6 (24), eaaz0183 (2020)
Journal Article
Ventresca Miller, A. R.; Spengler III, R. N.; Haruda, A.; Miller, B. K.; Wilkin, S.; Robinson, S.; Roberts, P.; Boivin, N. L.: Ecosystem engineering among ancient pastoralists in Northern Central Asia. Frontiers in Earth Science 8, 168 (2020)
Journal Article
Roberts, P.; Louys, J.; Zech, J.; Shipton, C.; Kealy, S.; Carro, S. S.; Hawkins, S.; Boulanger, C.; Marzo, S.; Fiedler, B. et al.; Boivin, N.; Mahirta; Aplin, K.; OʼConnor, S.: Isotopic evidence for initial coastal colonization and subsequent diversification in the human occupation of Wallacea. Nature Communications 11 (1), 2068 (2020)
Journal Article
Petraglia, M. D.; Groucutt, H. S.; Guagnin, M.; Breeze, P. S.; Boivin, N.: Human responses to climate and ecosystem change in ancient Arabia. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 117 (15), 1920211117, pp. 8263 - 8270 (2020)
Journal Article
Caetano Andrade, V.; Clement, C. R.; Weigel, D.; Trumbore, S.; Boivin, N. L.; Schöngart, J.; Roberts, P.: Tropical trees as time capsules of anthropogenic activity. Trends in Plant Science 25 (4), 2019.12.010, pp. P369 - P380 (2020)
Journal Article
d’Errico, F.; Pitarch Martí, A.; Shipton, C.; Le Vraux, E.; Ndiema, E.; Goldstein, S.; Petraglia, M. D.; Boivin, N.: Trajectories of cultural innovation from the Middle to Later Stone Age in Eastern Africa: personal ornaments, bone artifacts, and ocher from Panga ya Saidi, Kenya. Journal of Human Evolution 141, 102737, pp. 1 - 25 (2020)
Journal Article
Wilkin, S.; Ventresca Miller, A.; Miller, B. K.; Spengler, R. N.; Taylor, W. T. T.; Fernandes, R.; Hagan, R. W.; Bleasdale, M.; Zech, J.; Ulziibayar, S. et al.; Myagmar, E.; Boivin, N.; Roberts, P.: Economic diversification supported the growth of Mongolia’s Nomadic Empires. Scientific Reports 10 (1), 3916 (2020)
Journal Article
Wilkin, S.; Ventresca Miller, A.; Taylor, W. T. T.; Miller, B. K.; Hagan, R.; Bleasdale, M.; Scott, A.; Gankhuyg, S.; Ramsøe, A.; Uliziibayar, S. et al.; Trachsel, C.; Nanni, P.; Grossmann, J.; Orlando, L.; Horton, M.; Stockhammer, P. W.; Myagmar, E.; Boivin, N.; Warinner, C.; Hendy, J.: Dairy pastoralism sustained eastern Eurasian steppe populations for 5,000 years. Nature Ecology & Evolution 4 (3), pp. 346 - 355 (2020)
Journal Article
Wedage, O.; Roberts, P.; Faulkner, P.; Crowther, A.; Douka, K.; Picin, A.; Blinkhorn, J.; Deraniyagala, S.; Boivin, N.; Petraglia, M. et al.; Amano, N.: Late pleistocene to early-Holocene rainforest foraging in Sri Lanka: multidisciplinary analysis at Kitulgala Beli-lena. Quaternary Science Reviews 231, 106200, pp. 1 - 19 (2020)
Journal Article
Clarkson, C.; Harris, C.; Li, B.; Neudorf, C. M.; Roberts, R. G.; Lane, C.; Norman, K.; Pal, J.; Jones, S.; Shipton, C. et al.; Koshy, J.; Gupta, M. C.; Mishra, D. P.; Dubey, A. K.; Boivin, N.; Petraglia, M.: Human occupation of northern India spans the Toba super-eruption ~74,000 years ago. Nature Communications 11 (1), 961, pp. 1 - 10 (2020)
Journal Article
Taylor, W. T. T.; Clark, J.; Bayarsaikhan, J.; Tuvshinjargal, T.; Jobe, J. T.; Fitzhugh, W.; Kortum, R.; Spengler, R. N.; Shnaider, S.; Seersholm, F. V. et al.; Hart, I.; Case, N.; Wilkin, S.; Hendy, J.; Thüring, U.; Miller, B.; Ventresca Miller, A. R.; Picin, A.; Vanwezer, N.; Irmer, F.; Brown, S.; Abdykanova, A.; Shultz, D. R.; Pham, V.; Bunce, M.; Douka, K.; Jones, E. L.; Boivin, N.: Early pastoral economies and herding transitions in Eastern Eurasia. Scientific Reports 10, 1001 (2020)
Journal Article
Roberts, P.; Prendergast, M. E.; Janzen, A.; Shipton, C.; Blinkhorn, J.; Zech, J.; Crowther, A.; Sawchuk, E. A.; Stewart, M.; Ndiema, E. et al.; Petraglia, M. D.; Boivin, N. L.: Late Pleistocene to Holocene human palaeoecology in the tropical environments of coastal eastern Africa. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 537, 109438, pp. 1 - 18 (2020)

Thesis - PhD (2)

Thesis - PhD
Wilkin, S.: An investigation into diet and economy in ancient Mongolia through multiple biomolecular datasets. Dissertation, 78 pp., Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, Fakultät für Biowissenschaften [hosting institution] (2020)
Thesis - PhD
Bleasdale, M.: Archaeological, proteomic and isotopic approaches to investigating dietary change in Holocene Africa. Dissertation, 205 pp., Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Faculty of Biosciences, Jena (2020)

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Witcher, R.: Editorial, Antiquity 94, pp. 571 - 579 (2020)
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