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Gestrich, N.; Champion, L.; Keïta, D.; Coulibaly, N.; Fuller, D. Q.: Evidence of an Eleventh-Century AD Cola Nitida trade into the Middle Niger Region. African Archaeological Review, s10437-021-09445-7 (2021)
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Fuller, D. Q.; Barron, A.; Champion, L.; Dupuy, C.; Commelin, D.; Raimbault, M.; Denham, T.: Transition from wild to domesticated Pearl Millet (Pennisetum glaucum) Revealed in Ceramic Temper at three middle Holocene sites in Northern Mali. African Archaeological Review, s10437-021-09428-8 (2021)
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Dal Martello, R.; Xiaorui, L.; Fuller, D. Q.: Two-season agriculture and irrigated rice during the Dian: radiocarbon dates and archaeobotanical remains from Dayingzhuang, Yunnan, Southwest China. Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences 13 (4), 62 (2021)
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Champion, L.; Fuller, D. Q.; Ozainne, S.; Huysecom, É.; Mayor, A.: Agricultural diversification in West Africa: an archaeobotanical study of the site of Sadia (Dogon Country, Mali). Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences 13 (4), 60 (2021)
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Stevens, C. J.; Shelach-Lavi, G.; Zhang, H.; Teng, M.; Fuller, D. Q.: A model for the domestication of Panicum miliaceum (common, proso or broomcorn millet) in China. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany 30 (1), s00334-020-00804-z, pp. 21 - 33 (2021)
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Allué, E.; Murphy, C.; Kingwell-Banham, E.; Bohingamuwa, W.; Adikari, G.; Perera, N.; Boivin, N.; Fuller, D. Q.: A step forward in tropical anthracology: understanding woodland vegetation and wood uses in ancient Sri Lanka based on charcoal records from Mantai, Kirinda and Kantharodai. Quaternary International, 2020.12.009 (2020)
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Barron, A.; Fuller, D. Q.; Stevens, C.; Champion, L.; Winchell, F.; Denham, T.: Snapshots in time: MicroCT scanning of pottery sherds determines early domestication of sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) in East Africa. Journal of Archaeological Science 123, 105259, pp. 1 - 10 (2020)
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