Publications by Prof. Nicole Boivin

Journal Article (5)

Journal Article
Kourampas, N.; Shipton, C.; Mills, W.; Tibesasa, R.; Horton, H.; Horton, M.; Prendergast, M.; Crowther, A.; Douka, K.; Faulkner, P. et al.; Picornell, L.; Boivin, N.: Late Quaternary speleogenesis and landscape evolution in a tropical carbonate island: Pango la Kuumbi (Kuumbi Cave), Zanzibar. International Journal of Speleology 44 (3), pp. 293 - 314 (2015)
Journal Article
Roberts, P.; Boivin, N.; Petraglia, M. D.; Masser, P.; Meece, S.; Weisskopf, A.; Silva, F.; Korisettar, R.; Fuller, D.Q.: Local diversity in settlement, demography and subsistence across the southern Indian Neolithic-Iron Age transition: site growth and abandonment at Sanganakallu-Kupgal from a regional environmental perspective. Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences 8 (3), pp. 575 - 599 (2015)
Journal Article
Roberts, P.; Boivin, N.; Petraglia, M.: The Sri Lankan 'microlithic' tradition c. 38,000 to 3,000 years ago: Tropical technologies and adaptations of Homo sapiens at the southern edge of Asia. Journal of World Prehistory 28 (2), pp. 69 - 112 (2015)
Journal Article
Crowther, A.; Veall, M.-A.; Boivin, N.; Horton, M.; Kotarba-Morley, A.; Fuller, D. Q.; Fenn, T.; Haji, O.; Matheson, C. D.: Use of Zanzibar copal (Hymenaea verrucosa Gaertn.) as incense at Unguja Ukuu, Tanzania in the 7-8th century CE: chemical insights into trade and Indian Ocean interactions. Journal of Archaeological Science 53, pp. 374 - 390 (2015)
Journal Article
Groucutt, H. S.; Petraglia, M. D.; Bailey, G.; Scerri, E. M. L.; Parton, A.; Clark-Balzan, L.; Jennings, R. P.; Lewis, L.; Blinkhorn, J.; Drake, N. A. et al.; Breeze, P. S.; Inglis, R. H.; Deves, M. H.; Meredith-Williams, M.; Boivin, N.; Thomas, M. G.; Scally, A.: Rethinking the dispersal of Homo sapiens out of Africa. Evolutionary Anthropology 24 (4), pp. 149 - 164 (2015)

Book Chapter (2)

Book Chapter
Boivin, N. L.; Fuller, D.Q.; Crowther, A.: Old World globalization and food exchanges. In: Archaeology of Food: An Encyclopedia, L-Z, pp. 350 - 356 (Ed. Metheny, K. B.) (2015)
Book Chapter
Fuller, D.Q.; Boivin, N.; Castillo, C.; Hoogervorst, T.; Allaby, R.: The archaeobiology of Indian Ocean translocations: Current outlines of cultural exchanges by proto-historic seafarers. In: Maritime Contacts of the Past: Deciphering Connections amongst Communities, pp. 1 - 23 (Ed. Tripati, S.). Delta Book World, New Delhi (2015)
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