Publications by Prof. Nicole Boivin

Journal Article (4)

Journal Article
Fuller, D. Q.; Boivin, N.; Korisettar, R.: Dating the Neolithic of South India: new radiometric evidence for key economic, social and ritual transformations. Antiquity 81 (313), pp. 755 - 778 (2007)
Journal Article
Petraglia, M. D.; Korisettar, R.; Boivin, N.; Clarkson, C.; Ditchfield, P.; Jones, S.; Koshy, J.; Lahr, M. M.; Oppenheimer, C.; Pyle, D. et al.; Roberts, R.; Schwenninger, J.-L.; Arnold, L.; White, K.: Middle Paleolithic assemblages from the Indian subcontinent before and after the Toba super-eruption. Science 317 (5834), pp. 114 - 116 (2007)
Journal Article
Boivin, N.; Brumm, A.; Lewis, H.; Robinson, D.; Korisettar, R.: Sensual, material, and technological understanding: exploring prehistoric soundscapes in south India. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 13 (2), pp. 267 - 294 (2007)
Journal Article
Brumm, A.; Boivin, N.; Korisettar, R.; Koshy, J.; Whittaker, P.: Stone axe technology in Neolithic south India: Evidence from the Sanganakallu-Kupgal area, mid-eastern Karnataka. Asian Perspectives 46 (1), pp. 65 - 95 (2007)

Book Chapter (2)

Book Chapter
Boivin, N.: Anthropological, historical, archaeological and genetic perspectives on the origins of caste in South Asia. In: The Evolution and History of Human Populations in South Asia, pp. 341 - 361 (2007)
Book Chapter
Parpola, A.; Fuller, D. Q.; Boivin, N. L.: Comments on the incised stone axe found in Tamil Nadu in 2006 and the claim that it contains an inscription in the classical Indus script. In: Linguistics, Archaeology and the Human Past, Vol. 2, pp. 13 - 20 (Ed. Osada, T.) (2007)
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