Events of the Sustainability Commission

Celebrating Earth Day on 22 April 2022

This years Earth Day is coming up soon and we are inviting you to celebrate with us! Like last year, we are planning various activities at the institute – join us!

Tick Box Challenge 18-22 April

After last year’s great participation in the tick box challenge we want to do it again! How many sustainable actions can you do in a week? Fill in this survey once every day from 18 - 22 April and tick off from the list all sustainable actions you did during the day. You can participate from everywhere. The persons with the most tick-box points at the end of the week will win prices! 
You can find the link to the tick box challenge here from 18-22 April.

Earth Day Party on Friday, 22 April

Remember our tasty vegan/vegetarian lunch last November? Let’s do this again. We cordially invite you to participate in a vegan/vegetarian dinner.
We will have a buffet-style dinner, a Pub Quiz and the award ceremony for the Tick-box challenge winners.
When? April 22nd 2022 starting at 5 pm.
Where? Downstairs by the library / outside if the weather allows
How to take part? Sign up by Anja Hannawald, please just write an e-mail to hannawald@shh... and let us know which food and/or drinks you will bring.
What to bring? Please bring one homemade vegan or vegetarian dish to share.
You can also bring your family! We will do a quiz with funny and interesting questions about sustainability and the environment. We are very happy to celebrate Earth Day with you and will have a great evening, make sure you register!

Some impressions of the evening

Some impressions of the evening

Tasty food...

Tasty food...

...and yummy cakes

...and yummy cakes


Can Vegan Food be Tasty? Join the Vegan and Vegetarian Lunch! | November 11

Lets find out together! Bring your homemade vegan or vegetarian food to share with others.


When?                 Thursday, 11 November 2021

Where?                Library area


Please sign up by sending an e-mail to hannawald@shh...

Let us know which dish you want to bring. You can also send us your recipe and we will share it.

We are happy to see you on 11 November and we are very excited to taste your homemade dishes!

Earth Week | 19 - 23 April 2021

Earth day is celebrated every year on 22 April in over 175 countries of the world to strengthen the appreciation for our natural environment and to encourage people to make active progress to restore our earth. On the occasion of this year’s earth day the sustainability group of the MPI-GEA is planning different actions for you in the week of 19 – 23 April. Join in and help raising the awareness of our unique and fantastic planet!

Our Programme

April 19 - Day 1 - Start of the tick box challenge

How many sustainable actions can you do in a week? For each day, tick off every time you do an action. We are excited who will have collected the most points at the end of the week! You can also win small prices, make sure you join in!

Take part in the challenge!


20 April - Day 2 - Build your own insect hotel

The natural habitats of insects are becoming increasingly scarce due to intensive human intervention in the environment. An insect hotel can provide shelter and also operates as a nesting aid and seasonal residence for various types of insects. We have made an introductory video to show you how to make simple homemade insect hotel.

How to Make Your Own Insect Hotel

Video download: How to make your own insect hotel

Make your own insect hotel for your backyard and send us your photos! We are very excited to see them and show them here on our website!

21 April - Day 3 - Movie evening and discussion
8 - 9pm

Join in to watch short documentary movies about sustainability and discuss them with us! We are happy to meet you on Wednesday evening at 8 pm!

Zoom link will be send out to all institute members in the morning.

You can already have a look at our movies:

22 April: Earth Day - Day 4 – Quiz evening
8 - 9.30pm

We prepared a cool and interesting quiz about our planet and environment and we invite everyone to participate! You can also win small prices. You can simply take part without registering in advance, just join us on zoom on Thursday evening!

Click here to get to the quiz!


23 April - Day 5 – Tick box challenge and prize winner ceremony

Today is the last day of the tick box challenge, you can still tick off the boxes today until 3 pm. At 4 pm we will announce the winners during a short award ceremony.

Results and Winners of the Challenge


Further actions

Collective book order

Are you interested in buying the book “Building a Better World in Your Backyard"? Let us know by 25 April if you would like to order one (or even more) and we will gather them into one order.

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