Tina Haaß' Insect Hotels

After successfully building the first insect hotel in the years 2018 and 2019, providing wild bees a new home become a hobby for me. Here are a few photos where you can see my various insect hotel projects in the last few years.

The project in 2020 is rather small, but still very popular with the wild bees. When zooming in the picture you can find a red mason bee as well as many smeared little holes that still contain larvae waiting to come out for warmer weather.

The latest project is more ambitious and will probably take another two years until it´s completed. As you can see in the picture, one of the lower shelfs is already filled. I hope that the roof could also be a home for bats and we will install some upturned flower pots filled with wood wool to give ladybugs a home.  Next to the building we have sown a big flower meadow. Hopefully everything will blossom when the weather gets warmer to provide the food for the bees.

The building material for insects are blocks of beech and ash trees, branches of cherries or other fruit trees, and emptied bamboo sticks.

I love to spend time building insect hotels because I really enjoy watching the insects flying and gratefully accepting the new home. I know that it´s not so easy for everyone to find the space and material to build something like that. But according to my experience, every drilled hole in any tree branch, no matter how small it is, helps a bee/insect to let her species survive and make the world a little better.

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