News 2023

Hunter-Trapper-Gatherers: People at Panga ya Saidi used Remote Capture Technology for Small Game
Researchers use animal bone remains from Panga ya Saidi, a cave in southeastern Kenya, to argue that people in the Middle and Later Stone Age used archaeologically invisible tools like snares, traps and nets to capture small game in forested environments more
Of Forests and Grasslands: Human-Animal Interactions and Paleoecology in Late Pleistocene-Holocene Sri Lanka
New study provides detail into human hunting strategies in tropical Sri Lankan forests more
Isotope Data Reveal Millennia of Ecological Change in the Mountains of Lesotho, Southern Africa
A new paper in Communications Earth & Environment uses plant wax biomarkers from archaeological sediments to understand human-environment interactions in mountain ecosystems for the past 60,000 years more
Dairy Foods Helped Ancient Tibetans Thrive in one of Earth’s Most Inhospitable Environments
Ancient protein evidence shows milk consumption was a powerful cultural adaptation that stimulated human expansion onto the highland Tibetan Plateau more
Paleo Talks Seminar Series - Sapiens in South Asia: Multi-faceted story of peopling in the Indian continent
18 Jan - 26 April, 2023. Paleo Talks presents "Sapiens in South Asia: Multi-faceted story of peopling in the Indian continent" (SSA) in association with the Department of Archaeology, MPI-GEA. This series aims to discuss current narratives of modern human arrival and expansion in the Indian subcontinent. more
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