Selected Media Reports 2022

Zur Pressemitteilung/ To press release: Black Death Mortality not as Widespread as Long Thought/ Der Schwarze Tod war weniger tödlich als bislang gedacht
The Black Death Wasn’t as Deadly as Previously Thought, Research Suggests
Smithsonian, 28.02.2022
Black Death’ may not have killed half of Europe as previously believed, study finds
The Independent, 22.02.2022
Black Death mortality not as big as previously thought, research shows
Science in Poland – Ministry of Education & Science, 21.02.2022
Scientists determined that the death rate from the plague was not as great as it was thought
Polish News, 20.02.2022
Vermutlich hatte die Pest weniger Opfer als gedacht
Der Bund (Schweiz), 19.02.2022
Der Schwarze Tod besuchte nicht jeden überall, 19.02.2022
Massensterben im Mittelalter: Wurde die Pest in Europa überbewertet?
National Geographic, 18.02.2022
Der Schwarze Tod wütete nicht überall gleich verheerend
Der Standard, 12.02.2022
Black Death Plague Was True Horror – but Not Everywhere, Says New Study
Haaretz, 10.02.2022
Black Death did not impact all regions equally: Bubonic plague had little effect in Ireland and Iberia – but wiped out huge numbers in Scandinavia, France and Greece, study claims
Mail Online – Science & Tech, 10.02.2022
Black Death mortality not as widespread as long thought
Science Daily, 10.02.2022
Black Death Mortality Not As Widespread as Long Thought – Bubonic Plague Had No Impact on Parts of Europe
SciTech Daily, 10.02.2022
The Black Death was not as widespread or catastrophic as long thought – new study
The Conversation, 10.02.2022
Did the ‘Black Death’ Really Kill Half of Europe? New Research Says No
The New York Times, 10.02.2022
Black Death mortality less widespread than thought
University of Reading, 10.02.2022
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