Selected Events

Today we live longer and more prosperous lives than ever before. The construction of the Human Niche has made huge advances possible, and created better health conditions for billions of people. But this progress is taking a heavy toll on the planet's natural systems. Prof Jones will explore the links and inter-dependencies between our health and the health of our planet with particular reference to understanding how rapid global environmental change impacts the emergence and spread of high impact infectious diseases like Ebola or Covid. She will discuss how recent advances in the resolution and coverage of remote-sensing satellite data and cutting-edge machine-learning algorithms open up the possibilities of developing global early warning systems to prevent and manage future epidemics. [more]

Anthropogenic environments of the rainforest: a case study from Amazonia

Rainforest Redux - Virtual Seminar Series 2020-2021 - Seminar 7
For tens of millions of years until the last 10,-50,000 years, ecosystems throughout the globe harbored rich assemblages of large and very large animals (megafauna). Prof Svenning will outline the strong global evidence that the near-global down-sizing of faunas in the late-Quaternary represents the first human transformation of the biosphere, and the ecological consequences and the implications for ecosystem restoration in the Anthropocene. [more]

Diversity and stability in contemporary forager-farmer relations in the Congo Basin: Inferring the BaYaka’s past

Rainforest Redux - Virtual Seminar Series 2020-2021 - Seminar 6
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