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Confirmed keynote speakers from 8 disciplines

Despite our efforts at achieving equal gender representation among speakers, the organizers of this virtual conference acknowledge the underrepresentation of women and will continue to strive for gender equality in science.

  • Henry Dosedla - Teaching ritual secrets among highlander and coastal tribes of PNG
  • Sebastian Frank - Learning to see: mechanisms and applications of visual learning
  • John Gowlett - Why did the same things go on and on in deep time?  The case of the Oldowan and Acheulean in human evolution
  • Peter Gray - What Are the Roles of Adults in Children's Self-Directed Education?
  • Michael Griesser - Extended parenting and the attitude of juveniles are pivotal for cultural learning
  • Barry Hewlett - Hunter-Gatherer Teaching and Evolution
  • Olaf Jöris - Lives to Learn: The Biology and Culture of Human Learning Abilities and Environments
  • Ana Kondic -Teaching is like sunshine: traditional way of teaching among Tsotsil Maya (Mexico)
  • Barbara Rogoff - Learning by Observing and Pitching In to family and community endeavors:  LOPI as a cultural way of organizing learning
  • Amanda Seed - What influences copying in toddlers, preschoolers, non-human primates and dogs? The role of causal information and the intentions of a demonstrator.
  • Sidney Strauss - Searching for Teaching’s DNA in The Extraordinary Complexity of Human Teaching
  • Alex Thornton - The function and mechanisms of teaching: an evolutionary perspective
  • Antonella Tramacere - Born to be taught: "twists" of cultural learning and biological adaptations in human evolution
  • Stefan Vogt - Neuroscience of video-guided skill learning: motor imagery is key
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