Before you enter a room

Tips to get maximum signal quality:

  • Close all other programs on your computer
  • Whenever possible, plug in with a cable to your internet box, don't use wifi
  • Only enter one room at once! Your computer cannot connect to more than one video-conference at a time
  • If you are having technical difficulties, test the link in a different browser

During the talks

  • Login with your real name*. We will remove anyone who is not registered
  • If you mistype your name, forgot to add your last name, or accidentally typed the access code in the name field, you can leave the room and re-enter. If you are having problems, the helpers will assist you
  • Keep your microphone and camera OFF* unless you are given the floor for questions
  • Activate the Closed Captions* function to see live subtitles
  • Speakers: please speak slowly and clearly
  • Type your questions for the speaker in the Public Chat* and your technical questions in a private chat with the Helpers
  • Use reactions like “Raise Hand”, “Applaud”, or “Thumbs up” by setting your status* if you wish

How to enjoy an interdisciplinary conference

  • Recognise that each discipline has its own beliefs, ways of working, & use of words
  • Don't be afraid to ask basic questions (e.g. terminology, research approach...)
  • Be patient, be willing to explain "basic" concepts to people from other disciplines

And remember

  • Be respectful
  • Do not share the workshop’s web links with anyone
  • Helpers and organizers are always at your disposal for questions*
  • And most importantly… enjoy the workshop!


(* you can check instructions on how to use these functions in the Technical Guidelines Handout included in your program)

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