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arte 42 - Die Antwort auf fast alles: Do dogs really love us? (German)
Anyone who has a dog is convinced that the relationship between dog and human is something unique. A close bond, unshakeable, perhaps even love. Dogs are the most popular pets worldwide. But why does the relationship between humans and dogs feel so special? Do dogs really love us? And if so, why? more
Homeless Dogs

Homeless Dogs

August 04, 2023
MDR features documentation about saved dogs by the animal welfare. More information in German. more
How Dogs are Used Impacts How They Are Treated
Data from 124 societies shows that dogs’ functions predict their treatment, with closer bonds forming in societies where dogs have multiple roles more
Humans Struggle to Identify Aggression in Dogs, Other Humans
Researchers showed participants videos of human, dog, and macaque pairs to determine how well humans assess social interactions more
Researchers Looking the World Over for Clever Dogs
Two renowned dog cognition scientists are hunting worldwide for a very rare breed of dog – ones who can identify 20 or more objects by name. more
Dogs Tell the Difference between Intentional and Unintentional Action
A study published in Scientific Reports compared dogs’ spontaneous reactions to intentional and unintentional human behavior and found that dogs reacted differently depending on the condition more
Owner Behavior Affects Effort and Accuracy in Dogs’ Communications
Communication history and the principle of least effort guide human communications, but the factors guiding dog communications are highly influenced by their owners more
Dogs and Wolves Are Both Good at Cooperating
Basic cooperation skills appear to be shared by dogs and wolves, suggesting that this ability was present in a common ancestor and was not lost during domestication more
Humans’ Ability to Read Dogs’ Facial Expressions Is Learned, Not Innate
The first comprehensive study of the human ability to recognize the facial expressions of dogs suggests this ability is mainly acquired through age and experience and is not an evolutionarily selected trait, and in adults is better in those growing up in dog-positive cultural contexts more
Dogs Know When They Don’t Know
When they don’t have enough information to make an accurate decision, dogs will search for more – similarly to chimpanzees and humans. more
Ball or Stuffed Toy - Do Dogs “Know” What They’re Smelling?
Dogs create a mental representation of objects that they perceive through smell, a new study shows – and are surprised if what they find at the end of the trail differs from what they expected to find. more
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