Publications of Susan E. Ptak

Journal Article (2)

Journal Article
Ptak, S. E.; Enard, W.; Wiebe, V.; Hellmann, I.; Krause, J.; Lachmann, M.; Pääbo, S.: Linkage disequilibrium extends across putative selected sites in FOXP2. Molecular Biology and Evolution 26 (10), pp. 2181 - 2184 (2009)
Journal Article
Green, R. E.; Krause, J.; Ptak, S. E.; Briggs, A. W.; Ronan, M. T.; Simons, J. F.; Du, L.; Egholm, M.; Rothberg, J. M.; Paunovic, M. et al.; Paeaebo, S.: Analysis of one million base pairs of Neanderthal DNA. Nature 444 (7117), pp. 330 - 336 (2006)
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