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Yang, W.; Jiang, Z.; Yao, A.; Dal Martello, R.; Jiang, J.; Xie, H.; Chen, X.: Food production and agricultural systems on the southwestern frontier of the Han Empire: archaeobotanical remains from the 2016 excavation of Hebosuo, Yunnan. Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences 15 (5), 71, pp. 1 - 23 (2023)
Journal Article
Dal Martello, R.; von Baeyer, M.; Hudson, M.; Bjorn, R.; Leipe, C.; Zach, B.; Mir Makhamad, B.; Billings, T.; Muñoz Fernández, I. M.; Huber, B. et al.; Boxleitner, K.; Lu, J.-C.; Chi, K.-A.; Liu, H.-L.; Kistler, L.; Spengler III, R. N.: The domestication and dispersal of large-fruiting Prunus spp.: a metadata analysis of archaeobotanical material. Agronomy 13 (4), 1027 (2023)
Journal Article
Billings, T.; Cerasetti, B.; Forni, L.; Arciero, R.; Dal Martello, R.; Carra, M.; Rouse, L. M.; Boivin, N.; Spengler, R. N.: Agriculture in the Karakum: an archaeobotanical analysis from Togolok 1, southern Turkmenistan (ca. 2300–1700 B.C.). Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 10, 995490 (2022)
Journal Article
Xue, Y.; Dal Martello, R.; Qin, L.; Stevens, C. J.; Min, R.; Fuller, D. Q.: Post-Neolithic broadening of agriculture in Yunnan, China: Archaeobotanical evidence from Haimenkou. Archaeological Research in Asia 30, 100364, pp. 1 - 19 (2022)
Journal Article
Dal Martello, R.; Xiaorui, L.; Fuller, D. Q.: Two-season agriculture and irrigated rice during the Dian: radiocarbon dates and archaeobotanical remains from Dayingzhuang, Yunnan, Southwest China. Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences 13 (4), 62, pp. 1 - 21 (2021)

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Spengler III, R. N.; Peters, C.; Richter, K. K.; Mir Makhamad, B.; Stark, S.; Fernandes, R.; Maksudov, F.; Sirojidin, M.; Husniddin, R.; Wilkin, S. et al.; Schirmer, S.; Ashastina, K.; Begmatov, A.; Frachetti, M.; Hermes, T.; Kidd, F.; Omelchenko, A.; Huber, B.; Boivin, N. L.; Wang, S.; Lurje, P.; von Baeyer, M.; Dal Martello, R.: When did the chicken cross the road: archaeological and molecular evidence for ancient chickens in Central Asia. (2022)
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