Publications of Darcy Bird

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Journal Article
Kohler, T. A.; Bird, D.; Wolpert, D. H.: Social scale and collective computation: Does information processing limit rate of growth in scale? Journal of Social Computing 3 (1), 2021.0020, pp. 1 - 17 (2022)
Journal Article
Bird, D.; Miranda, L.; Vander Linden, M.; Robinson, E.; Bocinsky, R. K.; Nicholson, C.; Capriles, J. M.; Finley, J. B.; Gayo, E. M.; Gil, A. et al.; d’Alpoim Guedes, J.; Hoggarth, J. A.; Kay, A.; Loftus, E.; Lombardo, U.; Mackie, M.; Palmisano, A.; Solheim, S.; Kelly, R. L.; Freeman, J.: p3k14c, a synthetic global database of archaeological radiocarbon dates. Scientific Data 9 (1), s41597-022-01118-7 (2022)
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