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Hermes, T.; Schmid, C.; Tabaldiev, K.; Motuzaite Matuzeviciute, G.: Carbon and oxygen stable isotopic evidence for diverse sheep and goat husbandry strategies amid a Final Bronze Age farming milieu in the Kyrgyz Tian Shan. International Journal of Osteoarchaeology 32 (4), 3103, pp. 792 - 803 (2022)
Journal Article
Scott, A.; Reinhold, S.; Hermes, T.; Kalmykov, A. A.; Belinskiy, A.; Buzhilova, A.; Berezina, N.; Kantorovich, A. R.; Maslov, V. E.; Guliyev, F. et al.; Lyonnet, B.; Gasimov, P.; Jalilov, B.; Eminli, J.; Iskandarov, E.; Hammer, E.; Nugent, S. E.; Hagan, R.; Majander, K.; Onkamo, P.; Nordqvist, K.; Shishlina, N.; Kaverzneva, E.; Korolev, A. I.; Khokhlov, A. A.; Smolyaninov, R. V.; Sharapova, S. V.; Krause, R.; Karapetian, M.; Stolarczyk, E.; Krause, J.; Hansen, S.; Haak, W.; Warinner, C.: Emergence and intensification of dairying in the Caucasus and Eurasian steppes. Nature Ecology & Evolution, s41559-022-01701-6 (2022)
Journal Article
Taylor, W. T. T.; Pruvost, M.; Posth, C.; Rendu, W.; Krajcarz, M. T.; Abdykanova, A.; Brancaleoni, G.; Spengler, R.; Hermes, T.; Schiavinato, S. et al.; Hodgins, G.; Stahl, R.; Min, J.; Alisher kyzy, S.; Fedorowicz, S.; Orlando, L.; Douka, K.; Krivoshapkin, A.; Jeong, C.; Warinner, C.; Shnaider, S.: Evidence for early dispersal of domestic sheep into Central Asia. Nature Human Behaviour, s41562-021-01083-y (2021)

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Hermes, T.; Shnaider, S. ..; Semibratov, V.P.; Kungurov, A.L.; Tishkin, A.A.: Revisiting the emergence of pastoralism in the Altai Mountains through interactions between local hunter-gatherer and Afanasievo communities, Archaeological Research in Asia 26, pp. 1 - 6 (2021)
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