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Wibowo, M. C.; Yang, Z.; Borry, M.; Hübner, A.; Huang, K. D.; Tierney, B. T.; Zimmerman, S.; Barajas-Olmos, F.; Contreras-Cubas, C.; García-Ortiz, H. et al.; Martínez-Hernández, A.; Luber, J. M.; Kirstahler, P.; Blohm, T.; Smiley, F. E.; Arnold, R.; Ballal, S. A.; Pamp, S. J.; Russ, J.; Maixner, F.; Rota-Stabelli, O.; Segata, N.; Reinhard, K.; Orozco, L.; Warinner, C.; Snow, M.; LeBlanc, S.; Kostic, A. D.: Reconstruction of ancient microbial genomes from the human gut. Nature, s41586-021-03532-0 (2021)
Journal Article
Fellows Yates, J. A.; Lamnidis, T. C.; Borry, M.; Andrades Valtueña, A.; Fagernäs, Z.; Clayton, S.; Garcia, M. U.; Neukamm, J.; Peltzer, A.: Reproducible, portable, and efficient ancient genome reconstruction with nf-core/eager. PeerJ, e10947 (2021)
Journal Article
Fellows Yates, J. A.; Andrades Valtueña, A.; Vågene, A. J.; Cribdon, B.; Velsko, I. M.; Borry, M.; Bravo-López, M. J.; Fernandez-Guerra, A.; Green, E. J.; Ramachandran, S. L. et al.; Heintzman, P. D.; Spyrou, M. A.; Hübner, A.; Gancz, A. S.; Hider, J.; Allshouse, A. F.; Warinner, C.: Community-curated and standardised metadata of published ancient metagenomic samples with AncientMetagenomeDir. Scientific Data 8 (1), 31, pp. 1 - 8 (2021)
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Borry, M.; Cordova, B.; Perri, A.; Wibowo, M.; Honap, T. P.; Ko, J.; Yu, J.; Britton, K.; Girdland-Flink, L.; Power, R. C. et al.; Stuijts, I.; Salazar-García, D. C.; Hofman, C.; Hagan, R.; Kagoné, T. S.; Meda, N.; Carabin, H.; Jacobson, D.; Reinhard, K.; Lewis, C.; Kostic, A.; Jeong, C.; Herbig, A.; Hübner, A.; Warinner, C.: CoproID predicts the source of coprolites and paleofeces using microbiome composition and host DNA content. PeerJ, 8:e9001 (2020)
Journal Article
Borry, M.: Sourcepredict: Prediction of metagenomic sample sources using dimension reduction followed by machine learning classification. The Journal of Open Source Software, 01540 (2019)
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