Publications of Georgios Liakopoulos

Journal Article (1)

Journal Article
Vignola, C.; Hättestrand, M.; Bonnier, A.; Finné, M.; Izdebski, A.; Katrantsiotis, C.; Kouli, K.; Liakopoulos, G.; Norström, E.; Papadaki, M. et al.; Strandberg, N. A.; Weiberg, E.; Masi, A.: Mid-late Holocene vegetation history of the Argive Plain (Peloponnese, Greece) as inferred from a pollen record from ancient Lake Lerna. PLoS One 17 (7), 0271548 (2022)

Book (1)

Liakopoulos, G.: The Early Ottoman Peloponnese: a study in the light of an annotated editio princeps of the TT10-1/14662 Ottoman taxation cadastre (ca. 1460-1463). Gingko, London (2019), 649 pp.

Book Chapter (1)

Book Chapter
Liakopoulos, G.: The integration of settlers into existing socio-environmental settings: reclaiming the greek lands after the Late Medieval Crisis. In: Perspectives on public policy in societal-environmental crises: what the future needs from history, 20, 1 Ed., pp. 307 - 324 (Eds. Izdebski, A.; Haldon, J.; Filipkowski, P.). Springer International Publishing, Cham (2022)

Book Review (1)

Book Review
Liakopoulos, G.: Liakopoulos, G.C., ‘Πρώιμες αποτυπώσεις της Πελοποννήσου: Βενετικοί χάρτες της Πελοποννήσου τέλη 17ου – αρχές 18ου αιώνα από τη συλλογή του Πολεμικού Αρχείου της Αυστρίας (Αθήνα: ΜΙΕΤ, 2108). Αυγή 46 (13) (2019)
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