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Miller, R.; Lambert, M. L.; Frohnwieser, A.; Brecht, K. F.; Bugnyar, T.; Crampton, I.; Garcia-Pelegrin, E.; Gould, K.; Greggor, A. L.; Izawa, E.-I. et al.; Kelly, D. M.; Li, Z.; Luo, Y.; Luong, L. B.; Massen, J. J. M.; Nieder, A.; Reber, S. A.; Schiestl, M.; Seguchi, A.; Sepehri, P.; Stevens, J. R.; Taylor, A. H.; Wang, L.; Wolff, L. M.; Zhang, Y.; Clayton, N. S.: Socio-ecological correlates of neophobia in corvids. Current Biology 32 (1), 2021.10.045, pp. 74 - 85.e4 (2022)
Journal Article
Horn, L.; Bugnyar, T.; Griesser, M.; Hengl, M.; Izawa, E.-I.; Oortwijn, T.; Rössler, C.; Scheer, C.; Schiestl, M.; Suyama, M. et al.; Taylor, A. H.; Vanhooland, L.-C.; von Bayern, A. M.; Zürcher, Y.; Massen, J. J.: Sex-specific effects of cooperative breeding and colonial nesting on prosociality in corvids. eLife 9, e58139 (2020)
Journal Article
Miller, R.; Gruber, R.; Frohnwieser, A.; Schiestl, M.; Jelbert, S. A.; Gray, R. D.; Boeckle, M.; Taylor, A. H.; Clayton, N. S.: Decision-making flexibility in New Caledonian crows, young children and adult humans in a multi-dimensional tool-use task. PLoS One 15 (3), e0219874 (2020)
Journal Article
Miller, R.; Frohnwieser, A.; Schiestl, M.; McCoy, D. E.; Gray, R. D.; Taylor, A. H.; Clayton, N. S.: Delayed gratification in New Caledonian crows and young children: influence of reward type and visibility. Animal Cognition 23 (1), s10071-019-01317-7, pp. 71 - 85 (2020)
Journal Article
Gruber, R.; Schiestl, M.; Boeckle, M.; Frohnwieser, A.; Miller, R.; Gray, R. D.; Clayton, N. S.; Taylor, A. H.: New Caledonian Crows use mental representations to solve metatool problems. Current Biology 29 (4), pp. 686 - 692 (2019)
Journal Article
Jelbert, S. A.; Miller, R.; Schiestl, M.; Boeckle, M.; Cheke, L. G.; Gray, R. D.; Taylor, A. H.; Clayton, N. S.: New Caledonian crows infer the weight of objects from observing their movements in a breeze. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 286 (1894), 20182332 (2019)

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McCoy, D. E.; Schiestl, M.; Neilands, P.; Hassall, R.; Gray, R. D.; Taylor, A. H.: New Caledonian crows behave optimistically after using tools (Current Biology, 29(16)). (2019), 10 pp.
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