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Book Chapter (2)

Book Chapter
O’Connor, S.; Bulbeck, D.; Amano, N.; Piper, P. J.; Brockwell, S.; McWilliam, A.; Fenner, J. N.; O’Connor-Veth, J.; Whitau, R.; Maloney, T. et al.; Langley, M. C.; Litster, M.; Lankton, J.; Gratuze, B.; Dickinson, W. R.; Barham, A.; Willan, R. C.: The fortified settlement of Macapainara, Lautem District, Timor‑Leste. In: Forts and fortification in Wallacea: archaeological and ethnohistoric investigations, 53.2020, pp. 13 - 48 (Eds. O'Connor, S.; McWilliam, A.; Brockwell, S.). ANU Press, Acton (2020)

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Ingicco, T.; Amano, N.; Setiagama, K.; Moigne, A. M.; Budiman; Sémah, A. M.; Simanjuntak, T.; Sémah, F.: From food to grave good: a reply to Nijman, Current Anthropology 62, pp. 387 - 388 (2021)
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