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Journal Article
Ning, C.; Zhang, F.; Cao, Y.; Qin, L.; Hudson, M.; Gao, S.; Ma, P.; Li, W.; Zhu, S.; Li, C. et al.; Li, T.; Xu, Y.; Li, C.; Robbeets, M.; Zhang, H.; Cui, Y.: Ancient genome analyses shed light on kinship organization and mating practice of Late Neolithic society in China. iScience, 103352 (2021)
Journal Article
White, J. A.; Burgess, G. H.; Nakatsukasa, M.; Hudson, M.; Pouncett, J.; Kusaka, S.; Yoneda, M.; Yamada, Y.; Schulting, R. J.: 3000-year-old shark attack victim from Tsukumo shell-mound, Okayama, Japan. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 38, 103065 (2021)
Journal Article
Okazaki, K.; Takamuku, H.; Kawakubo, Y.; Hudson, M.; Chen, J.: Cranial morphometric analysis of early wet-rice farmers in the Yangtze River Delta of China. Anthropological science, 210325 (2021)
Journal Article
Hudson, M.; Bausch, I. R.; Robbeets, M.; Li, T.; White, J. A.; Gilaizeau, L.: Bronze Age globalisation and Eurasian impacts on later Jōmon social change. Journal of World Prehistory 34, s10963-021-09156-6, pp. 121 - 158 (2021)
Journal Article
Li, T.; Ning, C.; Zhushchikhovskaya, I. S.; Hudson, M.; Robbeets, M.: Millet agriculture dispersed from Northeast China to the Russian Far East: integrating archaeology, genetics, and linguistics. Archaeological Research in Asia 22, 100177 (2020)
Journal Article
Ning, C.; Li, T.; Wang, K.; Zhang, F.; Li, T.; Wu, X.; Gao, S.; Zhang, Q.; Zhang, H.; Hudson, M. et al.; Dong, G.; Wu, S.; Fang, Y.; Liu, C.; Feng, C.; Li, W.; Han, T.; Li, R.; Wei, J.; Zhu, Y.; Zhou, Y.; Wang, C.-C.; Fan, S.; Xiong, Z.; Sun, Z.; Ye, M.; Sun, L.; Wu, X.; Liang, F.; Cao, Y.; Wei, X.; Zhu, H.; Zhou, H.; Krause, J.; Robbeets, M.; Jeong, C.; Cui, Y.: Ancient genomes from northern China suggest links between subsistence changes and human migration. Nature Communications 11, 2700 (2020)
Journal Article
Hudson, M.; Nakagome, S.; Whitman, J. B.: The evolving Japanese: the dual structure hypothesis at 30 [Review]. Evolutionary Human Sciences 2 (n/a), E6, pp. 1 - 13 (2020)
Journal Article
Nelson, S.; Zhushchikhovskaya, I.; Li, T.; Hudson, M.; Robbeets, M.: Tracing population movements in ancient East Asia through the linguistics and archaeology of textile production [Review]. Evolutionary Human Sciences 2, e5, pp. 1 - 20 (2020)
Journal Article
Hudson, M.; Robbeets, M.: Archaeolinguistic evidence for the farming/language dispersal of Koreanic. Evolutionary Human Sciences 2, e52, pp. 1 - 17 (2020)
Journal Article
Hudson, M.: Towards a prehistory of the Great Divergence: the Bronze Age roots of Japan’s premodern economy. Documenta Praehistorica 46, dp.46.2 , pp. 30 - 43 (2019)
Journal Article
Nakajima, T.; Hudson, M.; Uchiyama, J.; Makibayashi, K.; Zhang, J.: Common carp aquaculture in Neolithic China dates back 8,000 years. Nature Ecology & Evolution 3 (10), pp. 1415 - 1418 (2019)
Journal Article
Hudson, M.: Socio-ecological resilience and language dynamics: An adaptive cycle model of long-term language change. Journal of Language Evolution, lzy008 (2018)
Journal Article
Hudson, M.: Global environmental justice and the natural environment in Japanese archaeology. Multidisciplinary studies of the environment and civilization: japanese perspectives, 11, pp. 159 - 181 (2017)

Book (2)

Fagan, G. G.; Fibinger, L.; Hudson, M.; Trundle, M. (Eds.): The prehistoric and ancient worlds. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge (2020), 756 pp.
Yasuda, Y.; Hudson, M. (Eds.): Multidisciplinary studies of the environment and civilization: japanese perspectives. Routledge, London (2017), 196 pp.

Book Chapter (4)

Book Chapter
Hudson, M.: Dragon divers and clamorous fishermen: Bronzization and transcultural marine spaces in the Japanese archipelago. In: Globalization and transculturality from antiquity to the Pre-Modern World, 5 (Eds. Autiero, S.; Cobb, M. A.). Routledge, Abington (2021)
Book Chapter
Fibiger, L.; Hudson, M.; Trundle, M.: Introduction to Volume I. In: The prehistoric and ancient worlds, pp. 19 - 36 (Eds. Fagan, G. G.; Fibiger, L.; Hudson, M.; Trundle, M.). Cambridge University Press, Cambridge (2020)
Book Chapter
Hudson, M.; Schulting, R. J.; Gilaizeau, L.: The origins of violence and warfare in the japanese islands. In: The prehistoric and ancient worlds, I.7, pp. 160 - 178 (Eds. Fagan, G. G.; Fibiger, L.; Hudson, M.; Trundle, M.). Cambridge University Press, Cambridge (2020)
Book Chapter
Hudson, M.: Introduction: the great wave of the Anthropocene. In: Multidisciplinary studies of the environment and civilization: japanese perspectives, pp. 1 - 12 (Ed. Yasuda, Y.). Routledge, London (2017)

Book Review (3)

Book Review
Hoover, K. C.; Hudson, M.: Hunter-gatherer adaptation and resilience: a bioarchaeological perspective / Daniel H. Temple and Christopher M. Stojanowski. - Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2019. - ISBN 9781107187351. $99.99 (Hardcover). American Journal of Physical Anthropology 171 (3), pp. 559 - 561 (2020)
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