Publications of Bianca Fiedler

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Journal Article
Müller, L. M.; Kipnis, R.; Ferreira, M. P.; Marzo, S.; Fiedler, B.; Lucas, M.; Ilgner, J.; Silva, H. P.; Roberts, P.: Late Holocene dietary and cultural variability on the Xingu River, Amazon Basin: a stable isotopic approach. PLoS One 17 (8), 0271545 (2022)
Journal Article
Bleasdale, M.; Wotzka, H.-P.; Eichhorn, B.; Mercader, J.; Styring, A.; Zech, J.; Soto, M.; Inwood, J.; Clarke, S.; Marzo, S. et al.; Fiedler, B.; Linseele, V.; Boivin, N. L.; Roberts, P.: Isotopic and microbotanical insights into Iron Age agricultural reliance in the Central African rainforest. Communications Biology 3, 619 (2020)
Journal Article
Roberts, P.; Louys, J.; Zech, J.; Shipton, C.; Kealy, S.; Carro, S. S.; Hawkins, S.; Boulanger, C.; Marzo, S.; Fiedler, B. et al.; Boivin, N.; Mahirta; Aplin, K.; OʼConnor, S.: Isotopic evidence for initial coastal colonization and subsequent diversification in the human occupation of Wallacea. Nature Communications 11 (1), 2068 (2020)
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