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Journal Article
Adamczak, K.; Kowalski, Ł.; Urbanová, P.; Douka, K.; Brown, S.; Kowalski, A. P.; Kukawka, S.; Wilczyński, J.; Szczepańska, G.; Zawilski, P.: New evidence for deer valorisation by the TRB farmers from Poland using ZooMS and micro-CT scanning. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 40 (Part B), 103230 (2021)
Journal Article
Brown, S.; Massilani, D.; Kozlikin, M. B.; Shunkov, M. V.; Derevianko, A. P.; Stoessel, A.; Jope-Street, B.; Meyer, M.; Kelso, J.; Pääbo, S. et al.; Higham, T.; Douka, K.: The earliest Denisovans and their cultural adaptation. Nature Ecology & Evolution, s41559-021-01581-2 (2021)
Journal Article
Brown, S.; Kozlikin, M.; Shunkov, M.; Derevianko, A.; Higham, T.; Douka, K.; Richter, K. K.: Examining collagen preservation through glutamine deamidation at Denisova Cave. Journal of Archaeological Science 133, 105454, pp. 1 - 10 (2021)
Journal Article
Goldstein, S. T.; Crowther, A.; Henry, E. R.; Janzen, A.; Katongo, M.; Brown, S.; Farr, J.; Le Moyne, C.; Picin, A.; Richter, K. K. et al.; Boivin, N. L.: Revisiting Kalundu Mound, Zambia: implications for the timing of social and subsistence transitions in Iron Age Southern Africa. African Archaeological Review 38, s10437-021-09440-y, pp. 625 - 655 (2021)
Journal Article
Culley, C.; Janzen, A.; Brown, S.; Prendergast, M. E.; Wolfhagen, J.; Abderemane, B.; Ali, A. K.; Haji, O.; Horton, M. C.; Shipton, C. et al.; Swift, J.; Tabibou, T. A.; Wright, H. T.; Boivin, N.; Crowther, A.: Collagen fingerprinting traces the introduction of caprines to island Eastern Africa. Royal Society Open Science 8 (7), 202341, pp. 1 - 18 (2021)
Journal Article
Brown, S.; Wang, N.; Oertle, A.; Kozlikin, M. B.; Shunkov, M. V.; Derevianko, A. P.; Comeskey, D.; Jope-Street, B.; Harvey, V. L.; Chowdhury, M. P. et al.; Buckley, M.; Higham, T.; Douka, K.: Zooarchaeology through the lens of collagen fingerprinting at Denisova Cave. Scientific Reports 11 (1), 15457 (2021)
Journal Article
Culley, C.; Janzen, A.; Brown, S.; Prendergast, M. E.; Shipton, C.; Ndiema, E.; Petraglia, M. D.; Boivin, N.; Crowther, A.: Iron Age hunting and herding in coastal eastern Africa: ZooMS identification of domesticates and wild bovids at Panga ya Saidi, Kenya. Journal of Archaeological Science 130, 105368, pp. 1 - 13 (2021)
Journal Article
Janzen, A.; Richter, K. K.; Mwebi, O.; Brown, S.; Onduso, V.; Gatwiri, F.; Ndiema, E.; Katongo, M.; Goldstein, S. T.; Douka, K. et al.; Boivin, N.: Distinguishing African bovids using Zooarchaeology by Mass Spectrometry (ZooMS): new peptide markers and insights into Iron Age economies in Zambia. PLoS One 16 (5), e0251061 (2021)
Journal Article
Brown, S.; Douka, K.; Collins, M. J.; Richter, K. K.: On the standardization of ZooMS nomenclature. Journal of Proteomics 235, 104041 (2021)
Journal Article
Wang, N.; Brown, S.; Ditchfield, P.; Hebestreit, S.; Kozilikin, M.; Sindy, L.; Wedage, O.; Stefano, G.; Chazan, M.; Horwitz Kolska, L. et al.; Spriggs, M.; Summerhayes, G.; Shunkov, M.; Richter, K. K.; Douka, K.: Testing the efficacy and comparability of ZooMS protocols on archaeological bone. Journal of Proteomics 233, 104078 (2021)
Journal Article
Bleasdale, M.; Richter, K. K.; Janzen, A.; Brown, S.; Scott, A.; Zech, J.; Wilkin, S.; Wang, K.; Schiffels, S.; Desideri, J. et al.; Besse, M.; Reinold, J.; Saad, M.; Babiker, H.; Power, R. C.; Ndiema, E.; Ogola, C.; Manthi, F. K.; Zahir, M.; Petraglia, M. D.; Trachsel, C.; Nanni, P.; Grossmann, J.; Hendy, J.; Crowther, A.; Roberts, P.; Goldstein, S. T.; Boivin, N. L.: Ancient proteins provide evidence of dairy consumption in eastern Africa. Nature Communications 12, 632 (2021)
Journal Article
Reade, H.; Grimm, S. B.; Tripp, J. A.; Neruda, P.; Nerudová, Z.; Roblíčková, M.; Sayle, K. L.; Kearney, R.; Brown, S.; Douka, K. et al.; Higham, T. F. G.; Stevens, R. E.: Magdalenian and Epimagdalenian chronology and palaeoenvironments at Kůlna Cave, Moravia, Czech Republic. Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences 13 (1), 4, pp. 1 - 20 (2021)
Journal Article
Wordsworth, P. D.; Haruda, A. F.; Miller, A. V.; Brown, S.: The earliest water buffalo in the Caucasus: shifting animals and people in the medieval Islamic world. Antiquity, 108 (2021)
Journal Article
Belousova, N. E.; Fedorchenko, A. Y.; Rybin, E. P.; Seletskiy, M. V.; Brown, S.; Douka, K.; Higham, T.: The Early Upper Palaeolithic bone industry of the Central Altai, Russia: new evidence from the Kara-Bom site. Antiquity 94 (377), e26, pp. 1 - 9 (2020)
Journal Article
Fedorchenko, A. Y.; Taylor, W. T.T.; Sayfulloev, N. N.; Brown, S.; Rendu, W.; Krivoshapkin, A. I.; Douka, K.; Shnaider, S. V.: Early occupation of high asia: new insights from the ornaments of the Oshhona site in the Pamir mountains. Quaternary International 559, 2020.07.026, pp. 174 - 187 (2020)
Journal Article
Taylor, W. T. T.; Clark, J.; Bayarsaikhan, J.; Tuvshinjargal, T.; Jobe, J. T.; Fitzhugh, W.; Kortum, R.; Spengler, R. N.; Shnaider, S.; Seersholm, F. V. et al.; Hart, I.; Case, N.; Wilkin, S.; Hendy, J.; Thüring, U.; Miller, B.; Ventresca Miller, A. R.; Picin, A.; Vanwezer, N.; Irmer, F.; Brown, S.; Abdykanova, A.; Shultz, D. R.; Pham, V.; Bunce, M.; Douka, K.; Jones, E. L.; Boivin, N.: Early pastoral economies and herding transitions in Eastern Eurasia. Scientific Reports 10, 1001 (2020)
Journal Article
Douka, K.; Slon, V.; Jacobs, Z.; Ramsey, C. B.; Shunkov, M. V.; Derevianko, A. P.; Mafessoni, F.; Kozlikin, M. B.; Li, B.; Grün, R. et al.; Comeskey, D.; Devièse, T.; Brown, S.; Viola, B.; Kinsley, L.; Buckley, M.; Meyer, M.; Roberts, R. G.; Pääbo, P.; Kelso, J.; Higham, T.: Age estimates for hominin fossils and the onset of the Upper Palaeolithic at Denisova Cave. Nature 565 (7741), pp. 640 - 644 (2019)
Journal Article
Slon, V.; Mafessoni, F.; Vernot, B.; de Filippo, C.; Grote, S.; Viola, B.; Hajdinjak, M.; Peyrégne, S.; Nagel, S.; Brown, S. et al.; Douka, K.; Higham, T.; Kozlikin, M. B.; Shunkov, M. V.; Derevianko, A. P.; Kelso, J.; Meyer, M.; Prüfer, K.; Pääbo, S.: The genome of the offspring of a Neanderthal mother and a Denisovan father. Nature 561, pp. 113 - 116 (2018)

Thesis - PhD (1)

Thesis - PhD
Brown, S.: Identifying hominin remains in Siberia using peptide mass fingerprinting (ZooMS). Dissertation, 360 pp., University Tübingen, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Tübingen (2021)
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