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Wu, X.; Ning, C.; Key, F. M.; Andrades Valtueña, A.; Lankapalli, A. K.; Gao, S.; Yang, X.; Zhang, F.; Liu, L.; Nie, Z. et al.; Ma, J.; Krause, J.; Herbig, A.; Cui, Y.: A 3,000-year-old, basal S. enterica lineage from Bronze Age Xinjiang suggests spread along the Proto-Silk Road. PLoS Pathogens 17 (9), 1009886, pp. 1 - 19 (2021)
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Giffin, K.; Lankapalli, A. K.; Sabin, S.; Spyrou, M. A.; Posth, C.; Kozakaitė, J.; Friedrich, R.; Miliauskienė, Ž.; Jankauskas, R.; Herbig, A. et al.; Bos, K. I.: A treponemal genome from an historic plague victim supports a recent emergence of yaws and its presence in 15th century Europe. Scientific Reports 10 (1), 9499 (2020)
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Barquera, R.; Lamnidis, T. C.; Lankapalli, A. K.; Kocher, A.; Hernández-Zaragoza, D. I.; Nelson, E. A.; Zamora-Herrera, A. C.; Perez Ramallo, P.; Bernal-Felipe, N.; Immel, A. et al.; Bos, K.; Acuña-Alonzo, V.; Barbieri, C.; Roberts, P.; Herbig, A.; Kühnert, D.; Márquez-Morfín, L.; Krause, J.: Origin and health status of first-generation Africans from early colonial Mexico. Current Biology 30 (11), 2020.04.002, pp. 2078 - 2091.e11 (2020)
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Key, F. M.; Posth, C.; Esquivel Gomez, L. R.; Hübler, R.; Spyrou, M. A.; Neumann, G. U.; Furtwängler, A.; Sabin, S.; Burri Promerová, M.; Wissgott, A. et al.; Lankapalli, A. K.; Vågene, Å. J.; Meyer, M.; Nagel, S.; Tukhbatova, R.; Khokhlov, A.; Chizhevsky, A.; Hansen, S.; Belinsky, A. B.; Kalmykov, A.; Kantorovich, A. R.; Maslov, V. E.; Stockhammer, P. W.; Vai, S.; Zavattaro, M.; Riga, A.; Caramelli, D.; Skeates, R.; Beckett, J.; Gradoli, M. G.; Steuri, N.; Hafner, A.; Ramstein, M.; Siebke, I.; Lösch, S.; Erdal, Y. S.; Alikhan, N.-F.; Zhou, Z.; Achtman, M.; Bos, K.; Reinhold, S.; Haak, W.; Kühnert, D.; Herbig, A.; Krause, J.: Emergence of human-adapted Salmonella enterica is linked to the Neolithization process. Nature Ecology & Evolution 4 (3), pp. 324 - 333 (2020)
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Fan, S.-H.; Ebner, P.; Reichert, S.; Hertlein, T.; Zabel, S.; Lankapalli, A. K.; Nieselt, K.; Ohlsen, K.; Götz, F.: MpsAB is important for Staphylococcus aureus virulence and growth at atmospheric CO2 levels. Nature Communications 10 (1), 3647 (2019)
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Bos, K. I.; Kühnert, D.; Herbig, A.; Esquivel Gomez, L. R.; Andrades Valtueña, A.; Barquera Lozano, R. J.; Giffin, K.; Lankapalli, A. K.; Nelson, E. A.; Sabin, S. et al.; Spyrou, M. A.; Krause, J.: Paleomicrobiology: Diagnosis and Evolution of Ancient Pathogens. Annual Review of Microbiology 73 (1), pp. 639 - 666 (2019)
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Schuenemann, V. J.; Lankapalli, A. K.; Barquera, R.; Nelson, E. A.; Iraíz Hernández, D.; Acuña Alonzo, V.; Bos, K. I.; Márquez Morfín, L.; Herbig, A.; Krause, J.: Historic Treponema pallidum genomes from Colonial Mexico retrieved from archaeological remains. PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases 12 (6), e0006447 (2018)
Journal Article
Spyrou, M. A.; Tukhbatova, R. I.; Wang, C.-C.; Andrades Valtueña, A.; Lankapalli, A. K.; Kondrashin, V. V.; Tsybin, V. A.; Khokhlov, A.; Kühnert, D.; Herbig, A. et al.; Bos, K. I.; Krause, J.: Analysis of 3800-year-old Yersinia pestis genomes suggests Bronze Age origin for bubonic plague. Nature Communications 9, 2234 (2018)
Journal Article
Baddam, R.; Kumar, N.; Wieler, L. H.; Lankapalli, A. K.; Ahmed, N.; Peacock, S. J.; Semmler, T.: Analysis of mutations in pncA reveals non-overlapping patterns among various lineages of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Scientific Reports 8 (1), 4628 (2018)
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