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Journal Article (44)

Journal Article
Okello, J. B. A.; Rodriguez, L.; Poinar, D.; Bos, K.; Okwi, A. L.; Bimenya, G. S.; Sewankambo, N. K.; Henry, K. R.; Kuch, M.; Poinar, H. N.: Quantitative assessment of the sensitivity of various commercial reverse transcriptases based on armored HIV RNA. PLoS One 5 (11), e13931 (2010)
Journal Article
Rutledge, L. Y.; Bos, K. I.; Pearce, R. J.; White, B. N.: Genetic and morphometric analysis of sixteenth century Canis skull fragments: implications for historic eastern and gray wolf distribution in North America. Conservation Genetics Resources 11 (4), pp. 1273 - 1281 (2010)
Journal Article
Poinar, H.; Fiedel, S.; King, C. E.; Devault, A. M.; Bos, K.; Kuch, M.; Debruyne, R.: Comment on "DNA from pre-Clovis human coprolites in Oregon, North America". Science 325 (5937), 148-a (2009)
Journal Article
Debruyne, R.; Chu, G.; King, C. E.; Bos, K.; Kuch, M.; Schwarz, C.; Szpak, P.; Groecke, D. R.; Matheus, P.; Zazula, G. et al.; Guthrie, D.; Froese, D.; Buigues, B.; de Marliave, C.; Flemming, C.; Poinar, D.; Fisher, D.; Southon, J.; Tikhonov, A. N.; MacPhee, R. D. E.; Poinar, H. N.: Out of America: Ancient DNA evidence for a new world origin of late quaternary woolly mammoths. Current Biology 18 (17), pp. 1320 - 1326 (2008)

Book Chapter (2)

Book Chapter
Bos, K. I.; DeWitte, S. N.: Human resistance and the evolution of plague in Medieval Europe. In: Palaeopathology and evolutionary medicine: an integrated approach, 8, pp. 138 - 154 (Eds. Plomp, K. A.; Roberts, C. A.; Elton, S.; Bentley, G. R.). Oxford University Press, Oxford (2022)
Book Chapter
Vågene, Å. J.; Krause, J.; Bos, K. I.: Metagenomic analysis and mitochondrial genome reconstruction of the post-medieval individual from Moneen Cave. In: Archaeological excavations in Moneen Cave, the Burren, Co. Clare, pp. 49 - 52 (Ed. Dowd, M.). Archaeopress, Oxford (2016)

Poster (1)

Honap, T. P.; Vågene, Å. J.; Herbig, A.; Buikstra, J. E.; Bos, K. I.; Krause, J.; Stone, A. C.: Genomic analyses of ancient Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex strains from the Americas. (2017)

Working Paper (2)

Working Paper
Knauf, S.; Gogarten, J.; Schuenemann, V. J.; Nys, H. M. D.; Duex, A.; Strouhal, M.; Mikalova, L.; Bos, K. I.; Armstrong, R.; Batamuzi, E. K. et al.; Chuma, I. S.; Davoust, B.; Diatta, G.; Fyumagwa, R. D.; Kazwala, R. R.; Keyyu, J. D.; Lejora, I. A. V.; Levasseur, A.; Liu, H.; Mayhew, M. A.; Mediannikov, O.; Raoult, D.; Wittig, R. M.; Roos, C.; Leendertz, F. H.; Smajs, D.; Nieselt, K.; Krause, J.; Calvignac-Spencer, S.: African nonhuman primates are infected with the Yaws bacterium Treponema pallidum subsp. pertenue. bioRxiv, 135491 (2017), 9 pp.
Working Paper
Herbig, A.; Maixner, F.; Bos, K. I.; Zink, A.; Krause, J.; Huson, D. H.: MALT: Fast alignment and analysis of metagenomic DNA sequence data applied to the Tyrolean Iceman. bioRxiv, 050559 (2017), 16 pp.

Other (1)

Bos, K. I.: TB’s Chinese travels, Nature Ecology & Evolution 2, pp. 1842 - 1843 (2018)

Preprint (1)

Parker, C. E.; Hiß, A. N.; Spyrou, M. A.; Neumann, G.; Slavin, P.; Nelson, E. A.; Nagel, S.; Dalidowski, X.; Friederich, S.; Krause, J. et al.; Herbig, A.; Haak, W.; Bos, K. I.: 14th century Yersinia pestis genomes support emergence of pestis secunda within Europe. (2023)
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