Mary Lucas

Department of Archaeology

Main Focus

Mary is a lab technician for the Isotope and Biochemistry laboratories. She assists in extending and maintaining the lab capacities at the Department of Archaeology of the MPI-SHH. Her work focusses on applying bulk- and compound specific isotopic analyses to archaeological and modern materials such as bone, teeth, ceramic, and sediments for palaeodietary, palaeoclimatic and ecological reconstruction. She is responsible for running multiple mass spectrometers including the EA-IRMS, GC-MSD, GC-IRMS, and LCMS. She additionally assists in training students, pretreating samples, and managing the daily operations in the labs.

Curriculum Vitae

She received her BA in Archaeology and Anthropology from Dickinson College, Pennsylvania, USA and her MSc in Bioarchaeology from the University of York, UK. For her MSc dissertation she conducted bulk stable isotope analysis to reconstruct the diet of individuals buried at two medieval nunneries in England.

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