Dr hab. Adam Izdebski

PS&H research group
+49 3641 686-780

Main Focus

  • Late Antiquity
  • Byzantium
  • Central Europe
  • Environmental history
  • Economic history
  • Palaeoclimatology
  • Environmental sciences
  • Methodology and philosophy of history
  • Syriac Studies

Curriculum Vitae

2020: Habilitation in History, Jagiellonian University in Krakow

2018-present: Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History, Jena: Max Planck Independent Research Group Leader (W2 position)

2012-present: Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Institute of History: Assistant Professor of Byzantine and Environmental History (adiunkt) (on leave)

2017-2018Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton: Member (School of Historical Studies)

Spring 2017: University of Warsaw, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences: Visiting Professor (adiunkt)

Spring 2016: Princeton University, History Department: Visiting Professor in the Council of the Humanities

2011-2012: Freie Universität Berlin, Institut für Griechische und Lateinische Philologie: Humboldt Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow

2011-2012: Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of History: Researcher

2011: University of Warsaw, Faculty of History: PhD in History

2008: University of Oxford, Faculty of History: MSt in Late Antique and Byzantine Studies

2008: University of Warsaw, Faculty of Psychology: MA in Psychology: Psychometrics

2007: University of Warsaw, Faculty of History: MA in History: History of Late Antiquity


Key publications

Monographs & edited volumes

Izdebski A., Medieval Romans and Nature. Interdisciplinary Environmental History [in Polish]. Kraków 2018: Historia Iagiellonica.

Izdebski A. & Szmytka R. (ed.), Krakow. Ecobiography. Pittsburgh 2020: Pittsburgh University Press.

Preiser-Kapeller J. & Izdebski A. (ed.), Companion to the Environmental History of Byzantium, Leiden 2021, Brill (in press).

Izdebski A. and M. Mulryan (eds.), Environment and Society during the long Late Antiquity, Late Antique Archaeology 11 & 12 (Leiden, 2018), 2 vols.

Gogou A., Holmgren K., Izdebski A. (eds.), Special Issue: Mediterranean Holocene Climate, Environment and Human Societies, Quaternary Science Reviews vol. 136, Springer 2016.

These books were reviewed by:

T. Newfield & I. Labuhn, in The Journal of Interdisciplinary History 48 (2017) 211-240.

R. Ousterhout in The Journal of Interdisciplinary History 45 (2014) 223-224;

V. La Salvia in The European Journal of Post-Classical Archaeologies 4 (2014) 482-483;

H. Elton, Byzantinische Zeitschrift 107 (2014) 903-905;

N. Tsivikis, Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2015.03.53;

V. La Salvia in Medieval Archaeology 59 (2015) 349.

Journal articles & book chapters

Izdebski A., Persian Christians. In: E. Wipszycka, Monks and hierarchic church in Egypt and the Levant in Late Antiquity, JJP Supplement, Peeters 2021, in press (as appendix).

Izdebski A., Słoczyński T., Bonnier A., Koloch G., Kouli K., Landscape Change and Trade in Ancient Greece: Evidence from Pollen Data, Economic Journal (2020): 10.1093/ej/ueaa026.

Mordechai L., Eisenberg M., Newfield T., Izdebski A., Kay J., Poinar H, The Justinianic Plague: An inconsequential pandemic?, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116/51 (2019):

Izdebski, A., L. Mordechai, S. White. The Social Burden of Resilience: A Historical Perspective. Human Ecology, 46 (2018) 291-303.

Haldon, J., L. Mordechai, T.P. Newfield, A.F. Chase, A. Izdebski, P. Guzowski, I. Labuhn, N. Roberts. History Meets Palaeoscience: Consilience and Collaboration in Studying Past Societal Responses to Environmental Change. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 9 March 2018, 201716912.

Izdebski A., Jaworski M., Üstündağ H., Sołtysiak A., Bread and class in medieval society: foodways in Anatolia, Journal of Interdisciplinary History 48:3 (2017) 1-23.

Izdebski A., Pickett, J., Roberts N., Waliszewski T., The environmental, archaeological and historical evidence for climatic changes and their societal impacts in the Eastern Mediterranean in Late Antiquity, Quaternary Science Reviews 136 (2016) 189-208.

Izdebski A., Koloch G., Słoczyński T., Wolicka M., On the Use of Palynological Data in Economic History: New Methods and an Application to Agricultural Output in Central Europe,
0--2000 AD, Explorations in Economic History 59 (2016) 17-39.

Izdebski A., Holmgren K., Weiberg E., Stocker S., Büntgen U., Florenzano A., Gogou A., Leroy S.A.G., Luterbacher J., Martrat B., Masi A., Mercuri A.M., Montagna P., Sadori L., Schneider A., Sicre M.-A., Triantaphyllou M., Xoplaki E., Realising consilience: how better communication between archaeologists, historians and geoscientists can transform the study of past climate change in the Mediterranean, Quaternary Science Reviews 136 (2016) 5-22.

Izdebski A., Koloch G., Słoczyński T., Exploring Byzantine and Ottoman economic history with the use of palynological data: a quantitative approach, Jahrbuch der Österreichischen Byzantinistik 65 (2015) 67-110.


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